Extenze Extended Release Reviews

by Shahrokh Shariat | Last Updated: September 20, 2019

What Is ExtenZe Extended Release?extended-release-review

The Extenze extended-release is a gel cap used for enhancing the sexual performance, pleasuring and relaxing experiences among men.

The capsule has been created after continued research in the field of male enhancement techniques.

The consumption of one capsule along with the morning breakfast is said to boost many of the sexual characteristics among men in a substantial and sustained manner.

You can get the active release from the following symptoms within a few days of its regular consumption.

Why would you want to choose ExtenZe Extended Release?

Men go in search of a solution only when there is a problem.

The Extenze release will be required to overcome some of the most commonly encountered sexual problems by men like you.

Weak Erections

Weak erections are caused by weak penis tissues and nerves.

Possible Causes


With the advancement in age, there tends to be a natural tendency to slow down sexual activities. This occurs due to decreasing firmness in the erections. This could also mean shorter time lasting erections.

Sometimes it causes extra time for the recovery of penis erection after the ejaculations. These gradually occurring changes could be caused due to the decreasing production of testosterone.

The other naturally occurring cause has been attributed to the low blood flow rate. The issues associated with cardiovascular weaknesses could also contribute significantly to the adverse sexual changes that are commonly associated with aging.

They could be due to either one or many of the factors listed above.

Blood flow decreasebloodflow-uvu

The amount of blood-flow entering and circulating in the regions around the penis as well as into the penis will directly affect the quality of your penis erections. You will experience a weaker erection that will be short-timed and lasting for a few seconds or minutes.

Some of the possible causes could be high BP, issues in the pelvic region, etc. the clogging of arteries in the cardiovascular region could also contribute to the problem to a certain extent.

In this case, the toxic elements that you consume with your food, alcohol, and smoking are the main culprits. They are clogging your blood supplying arteries that are connected to your penis and its surrounding regions.

Subdued sexual-libido

This happens due to many reasons. This symptom results in loss of performance. The penis may shrink due to reasons other than premature ejaculation during intercourse. You may experience familiar tiring sensations. The primary cause of this could be due to a reduced amount of hormone in your body.

Decreasing hormone count/quality

Once, a patient was found to be suffering from this sort of decreasing libido which was found to be critical to his overall sexual performance and healthy sex with his girl.

His relationship was in tatters, and he had approached the doctor with a desperate plea. The blood test conducted on him showed that he had abnormal hormone release levels. The abnormal state was not associated with the production, rather the timing of the release.

Upon further testing, it was found that he did get erections and showed some signs of libido. But as soon as he was about to copulate with his girl, this problem of low libido started.

Low sexual interestpsychological-uvu

The main reasons for this symptom are psychological. They could occur due to the fear of failure in sexual performance.

The psychologists have found that the male mind is severely restricted in its ability to overcome past events. Once an incident of failure occurs, it gets into the subconscious mind of the individual man that he will never be able to perform sexually well at all.

During these times, he may feel an increasing urge to either prematurely ejaculate or show zero signs of erections.

Performance issues

Sexual Performance is often hindered by the lack of stamina and strength in the genital areas like Penis tissues and the surrounding areas of the penis in the abdomen region. Some of the pelvic region weaknesses could also cause performance issues in the long run.


The primary reason for a premature-ejaculation to occur is the Na+ signal. This signal is typically generated by the sodium sensory nerve in the male penis. Once this message is sent to the base region of your brain, it results in an “ejaculate” signal from the base of the brain back to the penis. The penis ejaculates.

In ordinary cases, the sending of the signal may take about 3 to 4 minutes. In some cases, it happens just after a few seconds of initial copulation. This is called premature ejaculation. The only way of avoiding this is by temporarily numbing the active state of the sodium signal nerve.

Weak immune system

The immunity of sexual organs and the cardiovascular system makes a lot of difference to the male sexual performance in the long run. You could experience serious issues related to libido and sexual arousal also.

Where is the solution With ExtenZe Extended Release?

The working solution to all these problems is in the ingredients.

extended offer

What are the ExtenZe Extended Release ingredients?


This part helps in strengthening your cardio-vascular-system. The component enhances your duration of sexual intercourse. This is indeed achieved in various stages.

The initial erection in the male can make a lot of difference to his sexual libido, performance levels, sustenance levels and the period for which he can withstand the premature-ejaculation urges.

The quality of copulation and orgasm also improves considerably with the consistent administration of this ingredient.

The chief benefit is the ability to perform over an extended period of time without running out of breath.

Most men lose their erections faster, sometimes even before they have ejaculated. This happens due to a lack of libido. This ingredient induces desire into your nerves, making them responsive to your partner’s stimulation during the intercourse-period.

The overall performance levels are increased, besides enhancing the size and length of your penis. You can attain larger size erections from the Bulb-of-Penis till the external meatus.


This is purely Vitamin b-12. Besides, the acid is also helpful in increasing your sexual drive. It also helps in increasing your sexual libido to a greater extent. Apart from these known ingredients, Extenze has developed some of its formula which is unique to the product.

The multi-active BEADLETS are one such example.

They help in streamlining the vitamins, minerals and other vital essentials from your food to be absorbed by your sexual organs. That means, your penis tissues are storing energy.

This energy will sustain your…

How do the ExtenZe Extended Release ingredients work?

The ingredients work at two stages within your body

The sexual organ

The ingredients can pass through the tissues of your penis. This actively strengthens the tissues from within. It also removes the toxic elements which are absorbed by the tissues.

Once this is achieved, your tissues naturally require vitamins and nutrients including minerals to fill the void created by the removal of toxic elements. The ingredients in the tissues enable effective absorption of those vitamins from the blood flow. The ingredients purify your blood of all the toxic components.

If you wish to keep your blood that way for a long time, you may have to consider reducing the intake of alcoholic beverages and stop smoking altogether.

Once your blood can carry the extra amount of oxygen and vitamins to the penis tissues, the absorption of these vitamins by the tissues becomes easy and quick.

The nervous system and the pleasuring point in your brain-base.

The brain base consists of many neurons, cells, and tissues that are related to the sexual invocations and activities of the brain. The ingredients can activate a naturally occurring toxic cleanup and strengthening of the tissues. Once this is achieved, the mind gets cleared.

Because all the thoughts related to controlling, the sexual activities are centered in this region. Hence, your level of self-confidence automatically increases with the duration of time.

What are the ExtenZe Extended Release side effects?

If you are allergic to any of the state ingredients of the Gel-caps, you may experience

  1. Irritations
  2. Nausea and giddy sensations

If you have any issues with your cardiovascular system, heart or you have a case history of Blood-pressure; it would be wise to consult your physician before taking any supplement.

ExtenZe Extended Release Conclusion

Every review and feedback seems to prove that these extended-release Gel-caps work practically, safely and efficiently.

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