Erectile Dysfunction Supplements

by Shahrokh Shariat | Last Updated: June 13, 2019

As much as men would not like to talk about it, erectile dysfunction is a matter which is not only common among adult males but is also one of the least talked about diseases socially.

Men are usually hesitant to discuss this irregularity with their doctors or even with their close ones due to the awkwardness of the topic and sex being an age-long taboo in our society. Due to these reasons, erectile dysfunction issues are usually kept under wraps by men and rarely talked about.

But the fact of the matter is those erectile dysfunction problems can be treated if prioritized at the right time and with sufficient seriousness.

Erectile dysfunction can be described as the inability of the male sexual organ to maintain an erection at any point during intercourse and which results in minimized sexual satisfaction and results.

This issue can arise due to various factors such as diseases or any deficiency of hormones inside the body. It is also caused by rampant drug use and sometimes can strike as a side effect from prescription medication courses. Erectile dysfunction can also be caused by psychological factors such as depression and a reduced interest in sexual activities.

Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction can be termed as an irregularity rather than a disease because of the origins of it. The issue is usually accompanied by various factors and lifestyle choices which can either increase the risk of causing erectile dysfunction or make it more possible over time. Some of the leading causes of erectile dysfunction are listed below to take note of:

Therefore, we can see the above-given reasons that erectile dysfunction can be caused by various factors which can be external or internal. Now, erectile dysfunction can be treated by multiple options which usually depend on the severity of the disease and what it has been caused by.

Many erectile dysfunction supplements can increase male libido and improve performance during intercourse. These supplements are usually prescribed by a qualified medical practitioner and should not be consumed without a doctor’s suggestion.

Some Conventional Treatments For Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a disease that is always kept under wraps and rarely talked about by men due to pride factors. But this is not suggested at all because the longer you leave this issue unchecked and untreated, the more severe it will become with each passing day. Thus it is necessary to consult your doctor as soon as you feel any problem with your intercourse performance or sexual activity.

Erectile dysfunction is a widespread problem among men all over the world, but most of us don’t reveal this even to the people closest to us. This is because of cultural and societal norms that question a man’s masculinity if he is weak in his sexual activities and cannot have proper intercourse.

To make this issue more mainstream, many activists and medical practitioners are asking men to stand out and pursue a cure for this entirely curable disease. Inability to have a proper erection and erectile dysfunction can also cause a loss of confidence, and self-esteem and these psychological issues can make the acceptance and diagnosis part of the cure more difficult.

As modern medication techniques become more advanced and efficient, it is no wonder that there are many medicines and erectile dysfunction supplements which can help a man suffering from reduced libido and low sexual energy.

More and more men are opening up about their sexual problems, and this has made doctors identify the different reasons for erectile dysfunction and develop medicines and chemical agents accordingly.

There Are Many Supplements For Erectile Dysfunction

These can help a man regain his libido and increase sexual performance. Some of the many treatment options for erectile dysfunction which are hugely popular around the world are listed below:

VigRX Plus

Vigrx Plus is one of the most popular male enhancement supplement and is widely used by men suffering from erectile dysfunction worldwide. It is produced in the form of tablets or pills for oral consumption.

Vigrx Plus is composed of ingredients such as Bioperine, Tribulus, and Damiana which are all proven to increase sexual energy and treat erectile dysfunction.

Vigrx Plus does this by increasing the flow of blood to the male genitals and thus resulting in a more prolonged erection and intercourse capability. It also increases semen and sperm production and can be very helpful for couples who want to conceive children. Vigrx Plus is a product made from natural ingredients and thus does not cause any adverse side effects making it completely safe for usage.


ExtenZe is also a very popular natural erectile dysfunction supplement and has been proven to help men suffering from erectile dysfunction issues.

ExtenZe has been on the market for almost 17 years and is available in virtually every medical retail store. The supplement comes in the form of pills as well as in the shape of 2-ounce shots. ExtenZe has been proven to help men in gaining a more prolonged and efficient erection, and though its effects are mostly temporary, it is still one of the most recommended supplements for men suffering from erectile dysfunction.

ExtenZe is composed of natural ingredients such as folic acid, zinc, ginger, black pepper and various other chemicals which aid in maintaining erections and increase male libido. The physical composition of ExtenZe makes it safe to use for men thus making it a trendy choice among men all over the world.

ProSolution Plus Pills

Another top-rated product worldwide; ProSolution Plus Pills are widely believed to help men in maintaining an erection and avoiding premature ejaculation.

It also comes in the category of natural supplements for erectile dysfunction as all ingredients inside ProSolution Plus Pills are natural and are proven to increase the duration of erection and consequently results in better intercourse.

ProSolution Plus Pills contain 85 ingredients in all, including compounds such as Tribulus Terrestris and Withania Somnifera which are proven to increase erection duration and avoid premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.

It works by increasing nitric oxide levels which increases blood flow to the genital parts resulting in harder erections and extended sexual activity.

The supplement doesn’t cause any side effects and is entirely safe to use, making it very popular among men suffering from erectile dysfunction.

Male Extra Pills

Male Extra is also a top-rated product around the world and is one of the most trusted supplements for erectile dysfunction issues in men. It is an excellent product for increasing sexual activity and promoting penile cell health, resulting in lesser chances of erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

Male Extra Pills are composed of natural ingredients such as pomegranate, L-arginine amino acid, and creatine among others. These elements increase the production of nitric oxide in the body which is responsible for higher blood flow and allows for harder erections and thus avoiding erectile dysfunction.

Male Extra Pills do not cause any significant side effects and therefore are safe to use.

Apart from these supplements, there are many other erectile dysfunction drugs available on the market for usage. The solutions mentioned above stand out among these various medications because of their natural ingredients and safety in usage.

Other erectile dysfunction drugs are also useful in their own way but come with a bunch of side effects and compulsions which can make the issue more severe and cause further problems.

How Erectile Dysfunction Drugs Work

Erectile dysfunction drugs are mainly responsible for increasing erection time and avoiding premature ejaculation which results in longer and better sexual intercourse.

These supplements also help a man regaining confidence which has been lost due to decreased sexual libido and inability to last longer in bed. Blood flow supplements are also beneficial in treating erectile dysfunction issues as the primary cause of the disease is reduced blood flow to the genital parts of the male body.

Blood flow supplements increase the production of nitric oxide in the body which is responsible for proper blood flow in body parts. As more blood reaches the muscles and tissues in the lower area of the body, you will experience better erections and sexual intercourse than encountered prior while avoiding erectile dysfunction at the same time.

Supplements that claim to cure erectile dysfunction usually have a temporary effect on your body, and thus it is necessary to follow an individual dosage cycle to make your body comfortable with the supplement.

Overconsumption of these drugs is similarly harmful as they can cause specific side effects and in many cases lead to an excessive and prolonged erection which is one of the most prominent side effects of these drugs. Users should also make sure that the supplement they choose is composed of natural ingredients and no harmful chemicals.

These chemically based supplements and medicines claim to cure erectile dysfunction but at the same time, possess many side effects that can negatively affect the body. Also, over-dependence on erectile dysfunction supplements is not advised as the body responds only to those specific drugs after a period.

Precautions And Efforts To Prevent Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is an issue that is caused by external factors as much as it is caused by internal changes in the body. Thus by avoiding some harmful practices and taking care of some minute details can help in dealing with erectile dysfunction and keeping it at bay for the course of your life. Some precautions which you can observe to avoid erectile dysfunction in your life are mentioned below:

Quit Smoking

Cigarettes contain nicotine which has been proven to narrow blood arteries over a period and thus reduce blood flow inside the body and to the genital parts of the male body which can result in erectile dysfunction. Therefore quitting smoking can help an individual avoid erectile dysfunction and other intercourse issues.

Reduce Body Weight

Bodyweight is also related to sexual performance issues importantly. More bodyweight means much more hypertension, and this can cause blood vessels inside the body to dilate imperfectly, resulting in lower blood flow and thus reduced sexual functions. Therefore maintaining a slim and fit body is also a way to avoid erectile dysfunction issues that can pop up later in life.

Moderation In Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol consumption has proven to reduce sexual activities and thus should be indulged in moderately. Alcohol can increase the desire to have sex but doesn’t make it last longer or productive in any way which can help a man.

Avoid Drug Usage

Drugs such as cocaine and heroin are used extensively and can lower the nervous system functioning in the body which is responsible for healthy sexual activities and intercourse periods. These drugs can be a cause of erectile dysfunction and thus should be avoided altogether as they also cause many other harms inside the body of the person consuming them.

Keep Your Hormones Balanced

Hormonal deficiency is also one of the leading causes of erectile dysfunction as these are responsible for producing testosterone. Testosterone is the primary factor in increasing sexual activities and performance ability, and any deficiency in this hormone can cause severe effects. Over usage of steroids and supplements can cause testosterone production in the body to decrease which can result in erectile dysfunction at some point in life.

Side Effects Of Erectile Dysfunction Supplements

Any drug or supplement which claims to treat erectile dysfunction comes with a set of side effects that are essential to know before using them. These side effects can be minute or very severe.

Natural erectile dysfunction supplements such as ExtenZe, Male Extra, Vigrx Plus, and ProSolution Plus Pills do not cause any long-term side effects, but that is not the case with every supplement available on the market. Some of the common side effects of using erectile dysfunction drugs are listed below for you to take note of:

Erectile dysfunction is considered a taboo in many societies of the world and men suffering from it are usually forced to keep it under wraps. With the growth of the internet and progress in modern medical practices, it is no longer an impossible task to cure erectile dysfunction.

There are many websites on the web which can help men to identify the symptoms related to erectile dysfunction and undergo medications to treat it. The issue of erectile dysfunction should not be kept as a secret as it will only grow severe with time and can also lead to damaging psychological changes resulting in depression and low confidence levels.

Erectile dysfunction is also responsible for the decreased quality of life, and its consequences can be very harsh in a relationship. Couples usually avoid talking about erectile dysfunction in front of doctors, and this can lead to unseen damage to your relationship and family.

The emotional impact of erectile dysfunction is also very harsh and can cause the patient to lose confidence in them and avoid society and culture due to embarrassment. Men need to talk about this issue with their doctor so that they can break down the myths of the disease and suggest a definite cure for your problem.

While looking out for supplements or drugs to counter erectile dysfunction, one should make sure that they choose the product which is composed of natural ingredients and comes with lesser side effects than other drugs in the market.

Best erection supplements operate inside the body with considerable ease and have little to no side effects associated with them. Before buying, make sure you choose one such type of supplement only.

Drugs such as Vigrx Plus and ExtenZe are so popular because they are produced using natural ingredients and don’t have any side effects associated with them in any way. This makes their consumption and usage remarkably safe over the long term. These drugs don’t have a miraculous effect though, and it can take a month to observe their effects and changes in your body.

Breaking Stereotypes About Erectile Dysfunction

According to one study, one out of every ten men in the world suffers from erectile dysfunction. Considering such data-driven facts, it is entirely shocking that the society and medical industry keeps erectile dysfunction away from the spotlight and rarely likes to talk about it.

All this has developed this prevalent issue into something like a taboo, and thus those who suffer from erectile dysfunction are afraid and reluctant to talk about it. Men fear that due to the disease, people will consider them less masculine than before and question their overall character.

In the 21st century, these kinds of issues should be understood with a scientific explanation and solved with a medical point of view rather than indulging in myths and rumors based on these diseases. In many parts of the world, erectile dysfunction is considered as a punishment from God, and the sufferer is scolded and laughed at, thus making him depressed and suicidal.

As technology spreads to more parts of the world and awareness levels rise among people, societies will understand that sexual issues are not limited to any one community or religion but are prevalent all over the world, and the right way to treat them is to be expressive about them. Hiding such diseases and issues due to the fear of backlash from society is something only very primitive people would do.

Therefore we can conclude by pointing out that erectile dysfunction is a relatively common disease in men and which can be caused by various factors. It can be caused due to lifestyle reasons as well as due to any internal deficiency or irregularity in the body such as hormonal deficiency.

Erectile dysfunction is entirely curable, and many drugs and supplements in the market can provide immediate relief and assure maximum satisfaction during intercourse. Best supplements for erectile dysfunction usually contain natural ingredients and have little to no side effects associated with them.

Thus these drugs are advised to be used rather than chemically developed medicines and supplements which are full of harmful chemicals and toxins.

These synthetic drugs might have a higher rate of working and may provide much better comfort than the natural ones, but they also have compounds that are very harmful to the human body and can be a cause of many other diseases with prolonged usage.

Thus choosing natural supplements for erectile dysfunction is the best choice you will ever make to increase your sexual activities and to live your life to the fullest.