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Erectile Dysfunction And High Blood Pressure: How Can Heart Health Cause ED?

How Can Heart Health Cause ED? What Is The Link Between Hypertension And Sexual Conditions Like Impotence And Erection Problems In Men?
Shahrokh Shariat, MD
Senior Editor & Writer

Prof. Shariat has published over 1400 scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals. In 2014 he received the Matula Award from the European Society of Urology (EAU), and in 2017 the Gold Cystoscope Award from the American Society of Urology, probably the most important urologist award worldwide.

High blood pressure (hypertension) is something that consists of known symptoms and signs. The impact on sex life can become visible over time. Decreased sexual activity is unlikely for posing an immediate threat to one’s life such as a heart attack, but it can affect the overall satisfaction of sex as well. There is a significant link between high blood pressure as well as sexual issues.1

For women who have experienced a decrease in their sexual satisfaction, it has not been shown that this can be put to blame. Particular challenges for men have also arisen,

  • Over time, hypertension has caused damage to the lining of the blood vessels, and that causes the arteries to start narrowing and hardening which limits the blood flow.2
  • The decreased blood flow also makes it difficult for achieving and maintaining erections. So hypertension and ED go hand in hand.3
  • Erectile dysfunction interferes with ejaculation and reduces sexual desire. Some medicines which are used for ED treatment cause the same effects making the situation worse.4
  • Even a single episode of ED causes anxiety. Fears start emerging again and lead to a state of avoiding sex and also affect the relationship with a sexual partner.5

The Challenges For Women With High Blood Pressure And ED

The effect of high blood pressure on sexual issues in women also exists. Largely affecting a women’s sex life. Hypertension is something that reduces blood flow to the vagina.6

For some, it gives rise to a reduced interest in sexual desire, vaginal dryness, an inability to achieve orgasm, and other symptoms. However, some products can help in improving arousal.7

Like male sexual dysfunction, women experience relationship and anxiety issues in similar health topics.

Medication That Leads To Erectile Dysfunction

Certain medications play a significant role in hypertensive men and erectile function. They include,

  • Diuretics: They decrease the dynamic flow of blood to the penis and make it downright tricky in achieving erections; Depleting the Zinc present in the body, which is highly required for testosterone production.8
  • Beta-blockers: they are the medications that are of the older generation such as Innopran XL and Inderal which are associated commonly with causing sexual dysfunction.9

For reducing side effects and risks from such medication, one must consume the medicines as prescribed. They are not recommended for patients with cardiovascular disease.

Understanding How High Blood Pressure And ED Are Related…

For understanding how higher blood pressure results in erection problems, you need to understand that getting an erection is one of the most complicated yet straightforward processes ever.

In the penis shaft, there are two chambers of spongy tissues termed the corpora cavernosa. Below it is another chamber, known as the Corpus Spongiosum. The urethra which carries urine and semen also runs through the middle of these chambers.10

The corpora cavernosa is made of small veins and arteries, empty spaces, and smooth or soft muscle fiber. The chambers are well wrapped in a sheath of thin tissue.11

When men get erections, the signal from nerve endings in the brain causes the soft muscle chambers in the penis to relax, the arteries begin dilating or opening widely. Such actions allow the blood to rush in for filling empty spaces. The penile blood flow pressure also causes the tissue sheath around the spongy chambers to press on the veins that usually drain out the blood from the penis. This traps blood in the penis.12

As more and more amounts of blood enter, the penis expands and becomes erect. When this whole excitement period comes to an end, these smooth muscles contract again, taking the pressure off the veins and allowing the blood to start flowing back out of the penis. Then the penis returns to its former flaccid state.

Hypertension and Erectile Dysfunction Is One Of The Standard Issues

As per recent studies, around 49 percent of men aged approximately 40 to 79 with this higher blood pressure had ED.13

High blood pressure keeps arteries from carrying blood into the penis from dilating the way they are supposed to. They even make smooth muscles in the penis lose their ability to relax. As a result, not enough blood flow enters for a sufficient erection. Hypertensive men also have low testosterone levels.14

Testosterone is a male hormone that plays an enormous role in sexual arousal. This even leads to ED. Some of the drugs to treat high pressure also cause ED.15

As discussed above, diuretics cause ED and decrease blood flow to the penis. They even reduce the zinc content which is required for producing testosterone. Beta-blockers also dampen the response to the nerve impulses which leads to an erection.

They make the same very difficult for arteries in the penis to get widened and let the blood in. They make you feel depressed and sedated too. Sometimes the choices with some patients with higher blood pressure can also add to the problem of ED.

Smoking is one habit that needs to be changed as it increases blood pressure and also damages the blood vessels or reduces the blood flow in the body.16 The power to lower blood pressure as well as improve sexual health is in the hands of a person.

By living a healthy lifestyle and making use of erectile dysfunction aids, you can regain healthy sexual functioning. Even if high blood pressure causes erectile dysfunction, you can remain optimistic about the future.17

It is a common problem that is associated with hypertension but includes many treatments that one can choose. If you will take proper steps and make use of the best erection device, then specific healthy changes can be seen easily.

Some of the modern erection devices such as Penomet pumps, Bathmate, and even the sex guides such as Ejaculation Guru by Jack Grave can be used for an easy solution, and it can be treated effectively.

Lower The Blood Pressure

For addressing the problems of erectile dysfunction, you must reduce high blood pressure. Some are able to do the same with the proper lifestyle changes. Others must seek assistance from prescription medicines. High blood pressure erectile dysfunction is an issue for many men.18

Some of the blood pressure medications also cause it. Around 70 percent of people that experienced the side effects of such medicines; stopped taking them.

While many of the drugs around are used for treating high blood pressure induced ED, doctors prescribed diuretics and beta-blockers first when a person is unable to lower their high blood pressure through exercise and diet, and when that is the primary cause of poor erection quality.19

Erectile dysfunction is commonly termed impotence. It is one’s inability to get a long-lasting erection or also firm enough for penetrative sexual intercourse.

Does High Blood Pressure Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Impotence holds a common cause that damages the lining of arteries of the penis so that they fail in opening up and even letting blood in for strengthening the erection.20

Excessive blood pressure damages the arteries by causing them to adapt and thus turning them thicker or also becoming ruptured. This restricts the blood flow to the penis. If high blood pressure has occurred, then the lowering of blood pressure through lifestyle changes should be done immediately.

If the problem has aroused due to taking high blood pressure medication, the doctor can adjust the dose or give you a different medication. Don’t stop taking the drugs without having a word with your doctor first.21

If such issues with ED continue, then certain treatments are available for dealing with the case. Don’t be embarrassed by erectile dysfunction. It is reasonable enough to feel embarrassed, but sex is a normal part of life.

The nurse or doctor can speak to you in confidence about any concerns that you have. Similarly, there are erection aids present in the market that can be used.

Best ED Aids As Bathmate, Ejaculation Guru, And Penomet Pumps

Let’s start with the Ejaculation Guru first. It is one program that has been prepared by a renowned personality called Jack Grave. The basics of this sex program are developed by the natural health researcher and sex guru Jack himself.

It is an informative downloadable book that includes complete instructions to cure your problems naturally and even to help everyone to last for more than 30 minutes in bed without any usage of creams or pills.

Some of the helpful explanations in different arousal phases include the complete details and directions on various tactics such as proper breathing, the energy transfer technique, and others which have proven their effectiveness when it comes to solving premature ejaculation and ED naturally.22

The Ejaculation Guru guide also includes a set of simple exercises that can help in fixing the erection issue quickly. You can also learn the masturbation trick that is used for training the organ for lasting an extended time instead of it being prepared for quick ejaculation.

Useful Advice To Develop The Ejaculatory Muscles

Some of the helpful information is also available that can help all in developing their ejaculatory muscles and even controlling them as for how to keep them hard for long 60 minutes.

You can have a look at the sex positions which can assist you in lasting longer in bed and some of the situations that you should avoid.23 Jack designs the fastest procedure; sex guru for getting rid of performance anxiety or offering you a higher level of self-confidence when you are there in bed.

Information And Tips From Ejaculation Guru

The free bonuses available with this sex guide;

  • It includes a small guide that teaches everyone methods that can help in lasting longer and even getting engaged in the foreplay.
  • Includes helpful videos which help in increasing stamina and even adding 20 minutes or more for lasting in bed.
  • Includes a useful guide which is written by the relationship expert and contains around 101 sex tips that can be used today.
  • Teaches all of the oral sex tips that can make one a professional in the arts of cunnilingus.

Another popular erectile dysfunction device is Bathmate.

How Bathmate Works And What Is It?

Bathmate is one of the best penis enlargement pumps that work efficiently by creating a vacuum around the penis. As the pressure of the vacuum gets increased, the water gets pumped out of the cylinder that surrounds the penis. The resulting pressure also draws blood into erectile chambers and extends the penile shaft for the maximum capacity.24

Thanks to the high elasticity of penile tissues which provides good room to expand. This also comes with some unique features that make it more attractive and unique.

Specialty Of Bathmate

No matter whether you have high blood pressure erectile dysfunction, the Bathmate is one penis pump that has all its constituent parts for taking that extra care of size and safety. For avoiding the risk of suboptimal results and injury, it is also wise to go with a reputed brand such as Bathmate. Its features of it include the following;

  • Increases the length to around one or three inches
  • Augments the thickness
  • Helps in building self-confidence in the user
  • Offers adequate stamina
  • Heightens the orgasm
  • Enlarges the penile head
  • Straighten up the curve
  • Helps in curing erectile dysfunction

Regular penis pumps started as air pumps. However, they were innovated for powerful results by Bathmate. With the knowledge of pneumatic and hydraulic experience, they even discovered that a pump could work much better with water as the medium rather than air.

Water creates a partial vacuum that surrounds the penis and can also enhance or improve the penile health. This new pump is termed the Hydromax hydro pump where the water gets employed for pulling the blood into the penis.

This in return increases the blood chambers that result in more extended, hard rock and thicker erections.

Penomet Pump Highlighting Features…

Well, the Penomet Pump is also a similar penis pump but the Bathmate gained more popularity during its development in the year 2010.

Over long years, Penomet also went through some significant improvements in a lovely response from its customers. It comes with a premium edition package that proffers complete reviews of all components of it as tested.

One can order the Penomet Pump today from its official website. It is a straightforward device that one can learn to use quickly. It works well with water or air.

However, it is suggested by the experts to make the best use of it in water. Its suction gaiters are exceptionally comfortable on the skin as they are made of soft silicone which is durable and sturdy as well. One should select warm water as it helps to get the penile blood vessels relaxed much quicker.

This makes the hydro pump far more efficient. Other extender types can also be used but are not is not required for doing the penile stretching or jelqing. There are long-term benefits of the usage of the Penomet pump as,

  • One can get more blood flow through their veins to their penis, and that gives everyone better erections or prevents their sexual health issues.
  • It helps in increasing the girth and length immediately after every pump.
  • It offers more room for permanent increment. One can enjoy the advanced stage when they have good size and can even get harder gains.
  • With the Penomet pumps, one can have the immediate benefit which can be visible straightforward and lasts around for a day temporarily until the results solidify and become permanent after regular use.

The Different Packages Of Penomet Pumps

It includes three different packages standard, premium, and extra. The standard one comes with one gaiter, the extra one comes with three gaiters, and the premium edition of it includes five gaiter forces altogether.

The more gaiters you have, the more power and control over the strength of water pumps into a tube. It is much easier to make use of the pump daily. It is simple in usage; one can feel great and even enjoy it. The results can be seen immediately. You just need to use the pump in the shower for around 15 minutes daily.

With time, make use of a different number of gaiters for the higher suction forces that follow included in the guide. One can even use it outside the shower too.

So what are you waiting for?

If you have been facing high blood pressure and ED issues for as long as you can remember, then these erectile dysfunction aids or devices are made for you. Get them in your hands today and show your loving partner the inner wilder you. They can even help you in making your sex life the best and can offer you strong erections by doing the pumping for you!

Quality Rated Erectile Dysfunction Pumps

All these Bathmate, Penomet Pumps, and even the Ejaculation Guru sex guide are of high quality. They all are well built. The gaiters or other accessories included in them are comfortable enough and don’t leak.

Both these penis enlarger pumps; Bathmate and Penomet are intense, and one can feel great after their use. They are so powerful that one can even have permanent gain with them. Several people that have been using it for a while have also enjoyed its powers.

In the case of Penomet pumps gaiters, when they get broken a free replacement gets shipped according to the new gaiter lifetime warranty which is included in the package. And the Bathmate comes with a 2-year warranty for replacement parts and your peace of mind.

Useful facts and tips

  • Usage before sex: Yes, they can be used before sex. The results can last longer than 7 hours.
  • Cures the sexual issues: these ED devices also help in expanding the penis veins and allow more flow of blood in. This assists in getting stronger erections and even controlled orgasms.
  • Better sex: due to the high blood flow in the penis, one can even last longer and also experience a better orgasm. The result of it varies from user to user. The better circulation of blood improves the sexual experience.
  • Temporary or permanent results: one must not get discouraged if starting gains don’t stick after the first day of use. The longer you make use of it, the bigger the penis can turn.

Before And After Results

With the proper usage of this entire erectile dysfunction device, even if you have been suffering a case of high blood pressure and ED, you can get out of this predicament easily. The only thing is that you need to focus on your lifestyle to return to normal blood pressure.

Read all the information carefully and order your favorite ED device today. The top-notch sex guide called Ejaculation Guru, the penis pumps Bathmate, and the best erection Penomet Pump is waiting for you.


Body Freedom exclusively utilizes the best quality sources, including peer-reviewed studies, to support the facts in our content. Read our editorial process to learn more regarding our fact-checking to maintain the accuracy, reliability, and trustworthiness of our content.

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