Erectile Dysfunction EXERCISES

by Shahrokh Shariat | Last Updated: August 10, 2019

Before knowing some of the exercises for ED online, one must understand erectile dysfunction. ED is the inability of getting or even keep the erection for long enough to have sexual intercourse. It is also sometimes called impotence.

The occasional erectile dysfunction is also much common. Many men experience this issue due to stress. Frequent ED can also be the sign of other health problems that are asking for treatment.

It can also be a sign of relationship or emotional difficulties that have to be addressed by a relationship expert or counselor. Not all male sexual issues are caused due to ED. Some have other causes which include,

Erectile dysfunction is also termed as the persistent difficulty in achieving or maintaining an erection to have sex sufficiently. The causes of it are medical, but they can even be psychological. Some of the organic causes are the result of an underlying medical condition that affects blood vessels and even the nerves that supply the penis.

Different prescription drugs, alcohol, smoking, and even recreational drugs cause this issue. Moreover, ED can also be considered as a concern if the sexual performance gets impossible on different occasions at some time.

Broadly there are two forms of erectile dysfunction that affect the sex lives of men. It includes Psychological and medical.

The psychological one refers to the influence of psychosocial aspects on sexual performance. It covers the issues due to stress at work or due to the relationship breaking down.

On the other hand, the medical is also related to the anatomical changes or due to illnesses that prevent the penis from turning erect. It is also a must for all to make a point that there can also be an overlap between the causes of psychosocial and medical ones.

If any man is obese, the blood flow gets changed, and it can also affect the ability to maintain the erection. It is termed as the medical cause, and on the other hand, he can have little self-confidence which can also impact the ED. It is called as the psychosocial cause.

What Causes ED?

There are different reasons for erectile dysfunction. It includes,

ED can also be caused due to any of these factors or any others that have not been mentioned. Thus, it is essential for working with the doctor so that they can treat or rule out the related medical conditions.

What Causes An Erection?

The erection is the result of the increased blood flow into the penis. The blood flow is usually stimulated by sexual thoughts or due to direct contact with the penis. When a man turns excited sexually, the muscles in the penis relax.

Such relaxation also allows for the increase in blood flow through the arteries of the penis. So blood fills the two chambers inside the penis called the corpora cavernosa. As these cylinders are filled with blood, the penis turns rigid. The erection also comes to an end after climaxing when the muscles get contracted, and accumulated blood is allowed to flow through the veins of the penis.

Erectile dysfunction is also something which can take place due to issues at any of the stage of the erection processes. The penile arteries can also get damaged not allowing to open correctly and allowing the blood to flow freely.

The embarrassment and frustration that ED comes with is also an issue that occurs in many men. It is also caused by physical conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, hormonal functions, problems with blood flow and nerve damages.

Treating ED with some of the medications like Sildenafil (Viagra) is not the only option. There are some of the ED exercises which can also help.

As per the study, it has been found that pelvic floor exercises for ED have helped around 40 percent of men in regaining their normal erectile function. They even helped some of the people in improving their erectile function.

As per the additional research, pelvic muscle training also states that it helps treat ED and some more related health issues. Exercising the Pelvic floor improves pelvic strength and even called the Kegel exercises.

Women perform such tasks generally for regaining the muscle tone after giving birth to their child. Similarly, these Kegel ED exercise helps in promoting sexual health and urinary continence.

Notably, they are the one which helps in strengthening bulbocavernosus muscles. These muscles come with three important jobs as it allows penis in engorging blood during the erection, it pumps semen during the ejaculation and even assists in emptying urethra after the urination.

Some Of The Basic Exercises For ED

Beyond Basics Exercises For ED

The Pelvic Floor ED Exercise

They help in relieving erectile dysfunction problems. They also assist in,

Aerobic Erectile Dysfunction Exercises

Working on the muscles beyond the pelvic floor can also assist in combating erectile dysfunction. As per the story which was recently published, it was found that the aerobic exercises help a lot in improving ED. This issue of ED is also caused due to the problem of blood flow to the penis.

High cholesterol, diabetes, obesity, and even vascular disease affects the blood flow which results in ED. Addition of the aerobic exercise in your daily routine can also improve overall health which leads to significant improvement in ED.

Try brisk walking for around 30 minutes in a day, at least 3 or 4 times in a week; this can be enough for changing cardiovascular health which impacts ED.

Having satisfying sex also goes along with a healthy lifestyle. Controlling stress, a healthy diet or getting a decent amount of sleep also creates an excellent foundation for complete sexual satisfaction.

Millions of men experience ED issues. Now they can be treated well with specific exercises. They help every person in understanding that ED isn’t in their mind.

However, most of the men that have experienced ED; their complete experience can be improved with it. There are different reasons as to why exercise has grown their sexual satisfaction.

The regular and even the sustained exercising can assist in releasing the chemicals and endorphins which are mainly responsible for runners high and to stimulate the release of sex hormones.

Exercise also generally improves the mood and even imparts the sense of calmness later with a low heart rate, better digestion, lower blood pressure and lower levels of stress hormones.

Erectile Dysfunction And Exercise

As per the studies, around thirty minutes of walking in a day reduces approximately 41 percent of the risk of erectile dysfunction while moderate exercising also helps in restoring the sexual functions in the middle age or overweight men with this issue.

The healthy middle-aged men who started the intense program of aerobic exercising also reported a higher level of sexual intimacy and even much more reliability in their sexual functioning.

As per the studies, by the men that started the program also experienced the improvements. This also improved their sexual satisfaction, operation and lot more.

The Pelvic Floor Erectile Dysfunction Exercises

These practices were long known for the women around who wanted to restore their muscle tone after the birth of a child. It helps men now too in treating their erectile dysfunction and even premature ejaculation.

Moreover, experts also stated that these exercises contribute to making the orgasms much stronger and better than ever. After learning, these practices can be done at any time of day and while multitasking too (I’m doing them right now as I typed this while sat in my chair in a library full of people).

For locating the specific muscles if you don’t know where they are, try stopping and restarting the flow of the urine in mid-stream the next time you take a piss. That’s the muscle you’re looking for!

You just need to do them only once as it can affect the passage of the urine. Once you locate these muscles, one can tighten and also draw muscles in and feel the lifting upward.

Hold on for five count and further release. It is recommended that men have to do 8 to 1o repetitions and resting in the between. Ideally, one can do the 8 or 10 with the 5 to 10 quick squeezes and release.

Men should also work for doing the whole process 4 or 5 times a day for good results.

As your muscles become stronger you can increase the hold time and intensity and also the reps.

Regular Cardio

Regular cardiovascular exercises not only improve the Erectile dysfunction but also helps to boost energy levels, improves the muscle tone and lower down the blood pressure. Additionally, by decreasing the stress and body fat, regular cardio helps in enhancing the self-image, improves sleep quality and results in an overall feeling of wellbeing.

For this great benefit, around 20 or 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercises 4 to 5 times a week can be helpful. The core of succeeding with cardio is also selecting the activity which you can enjoy so it will not feel like a chore. Some of the prime choices in the exercise of cardiovascular include,

Biking is also great, but one must know that the narrow bike seats can shift the weight onto part of the pelvis supplying the blood and the nerves to sex organs. Cycling more than 3 hours a week can increase the risk issue of erectile dysfunction.

Another key to addressing this is also to improve the functioning of endothelium that is the inner lining of the blood vessels. Cardio training also assists as the best erectile dysfunction exercises, and it increases bone strength, muscle mass, balance, and stability. It is known for lowering blood pressure. It can also be used for improving muscle definition which is good for self-esteem.

Yoga, Other Exercises For ED

The body and mind are connected intricately and exploring such connection can assist in combating the fatigue and stress much you may feel in daily life. Both of them contribute to erectile dysfunction. Adding the body-mind exercise to life helps in lowering the burden, improves breathing and reduces tension.

Yoga is terrific in developing a sense of well-being. It is good for keeping the limber so that one can reduce the risk of injuries related to sports or challenging sex positions.

These routines and yoga classes also let men engage in relaxing and are beneficial for exercising with their partners because women love yoga. Some yoga postures assist in improving the blood circulation to the pelvic region. Regular exercise enhances every life aspect, and it includes sex life.

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