Erectile Dysfunction DRUGS

by Shahrokh Shariat | Last Updated: June 25, 2019

Erectile dysfunction is abbreviated to ED and even called impotence up until recent times. It is the inability of attaining and even maintaining an erection sufficient for complete sexual performance.

Although being a benign disorder, it can also have some impact on the quality of the life of sufferers, families, and partners. It is essential for all to consider the psychosocial or physical health of the person that has such a condition.

The patients must also be assessed appropriately and investigated well before embarking on treatment.

Risk Factors For ED

ED also shares some of the risk factors for cardiovascular disease (CVD). Screening for CVD is one method that is a cost-effective means for preventing men from suffering from ED. Some of the issues which give rise to the problems of erectile dysfunction are,

Erectile dysfunction is also one of the early signs of the issues of potential cardiac-related problems, but a plant-based diet can assist in improving both heart health and erectile function. It also helps in increasing testosterone levels.

Specifically, eating pistachio nuts and watermelon or avoiding foods contained in the BPA plastics can also result in a visible improvement. Low carbohydrate diets can even be harmful. The same mechanisms of disease are also involved in women, and the female functions can be improved with a diet that is plant-based.

The Symptoms Of Erectile Dysfunction

The most common symptoms and signs for ED also includes,

Seeking medical assistance can also be suggested, and one can even start taking the drugs for ED for relief.

The Risk Factors Of ED

Different external factors put one at a higher risk of the development of erectile dysfunction. It includes conditions such as,

Injuries that damage nerves or the arteries that control the erection can also be a reason. The drugs for ED such as antihistamines and medications for treating prostate conditions, the pain of high blood pressure is also helpful. Some of the psychological conditions like depression, anxiety, and stress can also be another cause. Alcohol or drug usage is also a reason.

Erectile Dysfunction Diagnosis With The Best ED Drug

For many men, the details about the signs and even their medical history are not enough for doctors to prescribing them the drugs for ED. For diagnosing the conditions, the doctor has to order,

The Treatment Of Erectile Dysfunction

The treatment for ED can be either IV or oral medication, surgery or implants. Some of the drugs for erectile dysfunction are also available. The list is endless but here are a few,

Physiological Counseling

Some of the other solutions other than drugs for ED are physiological counseling as it helps in resolving the underlying cause by making simple lifestyle adjustments like quitting smoking or alcohol.

One can also enjoy an exercise regiment to lose excess pounds, addressing the issues of their dysfunctional relationship or a variety of other factors that cause higher levels of stress. Well, Viagra is one of the drugs for erectile dysfunction which has been used for a while by a large number of people around the world.

Viagra is also the traditional treatment for all adult men with the problems of ED. Sometimes termed impotence; this is when a person is unable to get or keep their penis erected rendering it unsuitable enough for satisfactory sexual activity to occur.

Scientifically, Viagra is a PDE-5 inhibitor. Viagra and other PDE-5 inhibitors help men with their ED by enhancing their erectile response when men get stimulated sexually. Similarly, the sildenafil is another one of the drugs for ED. It is also just as efficient and one of the modern medicines to treat erectile dysfunction.

How The Best Drugs For Erectile Dysfunction Help?

Both drugs are available, but the prices are quite high. They provide the same effectiveness, stability, strength, and quality. They even stand as per in standard of quality, safety, efficacy and as a branded drug too.

Make sure you select the proper dosage though. The starting dosage of Viagra is around 50 mg in tablet form which is taken one hour before the sexual activity begins. If you get the desired effect, then stick with that dosage or increase or decrease based on your doctor’s recommendations.

But problems can be there as one can suffer from side effects. One can try lowering their dose to around 25 mg if side effects begin impeding on your sexual ability.

If even after consuming 50 mg of the tablets four times and you didn’t experience the desired effect, then you can get higher your dose to around 100 mg. Even after trying the 100 mg at different times, you are unable to achieve an erection; then you must contact your doctor.

One must not take these drugs for ED more than once at a single interval as it will not increase effectiveness and it will increase the chances of side effects.  There are different ways to consume them also. It includes,

How Do These Drugs For Erectile Dysfunction Works?

Some of the drugs for ED such as Viagra belong to the medication class of PDE-5 inhibitors. In the presence of sexual stimulation, PDE-5 inhibitors relax smooth muscles and also increases the blood flow to the penis and help them in restoring the impaired function of the erectile tissue.

These drugs stay in the body for around only 4 hours soon after taking the dose. It can even last for 5 hours in some men or can reduce its time for 3 hours in others. When taken on an empty stomach, they get absorbed relatively rapidly and usually works within 30 or 60 minutes.

Using these drugs for ED can decrease the rate of absorption and increases the time taken for them to work efficiently. They come in different strengths too as 25 mg, 50 mg or 100 mg.

The recommended dosage for the first time users is also around 50 mg. The dosage of the same can be increased to about 100 mg if the 50 mg is not high enough. For some men that experience some of the side effects, they can reduce their dosage. The most significant problems besides their side effects with some of these ED drugs are also that they are not available over the counter without a prescription.

However, some of them are licensed and registered to be used and can be taken by men with problems of erectile dysfunction. Moreover, the clinical trials of some healthy men consuming these ED drugs did not show any decrease in their blood pressure when drinking even moderate amounts of alcohol.

However, alcohol itself can increase the difficulties in getting an erection. There are scores of alternatives to the Viagra. They are VigRX Plus, ExtenZe, ProSolution Plus Pills, Male Extra and more. They are even much safer than prescription medications on the market as they contain only natural herbal ingredients and nothing synthetic.

Read The Reviews Of VigRX Plus For More Details

As stated above that Vigrx Plus is one of the most harmless drugs for every man around that is having issues with erectile dysfunction. Even if you are not having problems, it can still be beneficial to your sexual function.

It is also safer than all prescribed medications on the market. If you take a look at its ingredients and even on the effectiveness, you will find that it is termed as the best male enhancement supplement on the whole market at present.

It is well-reputed and a unique male enhancement pill. It is designed carefully as the formula for longer, harder and enormous erections that produce unbeatable results.

The other significant part of such supplements is also that; it allows all in achieving their hardest erection on demand. It doesn’t last for a few hours like other drugs for ED. Its effects are long-lasting and remain for the long term with regular consumption.

It even works instantly.

It is not a pill that takes a long time getting built up in the system. One can see results easily with this supplement over any of the competitors around. One can know right away as to whether these supplements work for you or not.

Most of the male enhancement supplement requires the ingredient to build up in the system for around 60 days before they have any noticeable effects. Another significant result which one can experience with it is also that; it offers substantial increment in the sex drive. Most of these pills improve the quality of erections. They elevate the desire for intercourse while at the same time enhancing the erection.

The erection quality gets enhanced further by regular consumption of the supplements. Achieve the high quality of your erection and at the same time make your sex drive increase with it. Some of the top-notch benefits of consuming VigRX Plus includes,

The Triple Advantage Of VigRX Plus

ExtenZeThe Herbal Nutritional Male Enhancer Supplement

ExtenZe is one of the most popular dietary male enhancer supplements which claims mostly for penis enlargement. Moreover, as per the television ads, commercials and more they claim arousing and improved sexual experiences.

The websites selling such products makes the specific claims that include as one can acquire a “large erected penis.” Such enlarging effects are improved by ExtenZe Pills. The pills are sold in different retail stores, and they have a high demand among people as one of the best drugs for ED.

This ExtenZe Pill is in the market for as long as 17 years and is getting sold in billions of units. Similarly, the popularity has been increased over the years, and it is termed as the top male enhancer product as well. Some of the significant benefits of ExtenZe are as follows,

How Does It Work?

Well, ExtenZe consist of a potent herbal blend of different natural ingredients that hold the ability to improve the blood circulation in the body. Thus, it also allows more amount of blood flow to the extreme point whenever required.

These pills are actually able to expand tissues in the penis which helps for the accommodation of larger volumes of blood so more blood entering will lead to a more massive and firmer erection.

Not all men are eligible for the prescription of Viagra and some men who take it have also reported its side effects exceptionally often. Thus, ExtenZe is one product that is safer than the prescribed medications for ED.

The core of getting the prescription caliber also results from the natural remedy and one can be sure enough with all of its quality ingredients, the clinical proof or sufficient dosages.

Moreover, if you take a look, you will understand that premature ejaculation is one issue that is widespread. It results from different causes; it can be either biological or psychological or even both. As per the doctors, it is caused due to the situations in which men may hurry from childhood experience to reach orgasm and not discovering it.

Some men also feel guilty of the constant desire for rushing through sexual meetings. Erectile dysfunction or ED can be another factor that causes premature ejaculation.

Some men have difficulty in reaching the erection during sexual intercourse can rush for ejaculating quickly before they lose their erection completely. It can also be the result of stress which is related to poor sexual performance. The relationship issues are also one factor of the problem. If you do not experience premature ejaculation with another partner, then your current partner can count on this matter.

Different Factors

There are some aspects of a biological nature which are the causes of premature ejaculation. Including the abnormality in levels of the neurotransmitters, the deviation of the concentrations of the hormones, the reflex activity of the ejaculatory system, inflammation or infection of the urethra or even prostrate, thyroid issues and more.

Some of the factors that contribute to the risk of premature ejaculation include these health problems. Moreover, the person can feel anxious during intercourse or can rush for ejaculating.

Stress is also a risk factor for suffering from premature ejaculation. It can be permanent or temporary, emotional or mental strain which limits the ability to focus during sex. The modern market offers some products that are designed for treating premature ejaculation.

One Of Them Is ProSolution Plus Pills.

It is the leading tablet of libido which is tested clinically for increasing the performance of the sexual activity and drive naturally. It also promises to improve sexual desire, satisfaction, drive, and performance.

The ProSolution Plus Pills are better than the prescribed medications for ED even. This is known for enhancing and improvement and increases satisfaction due to natural ingredients.

The manufacturer of this product can also improve the state of premature ejaculation by around 64 percent and erectile quality by 67 percent. Moreover, the sexual function gets increased by 48 percent and sexual satisfaction by 78 percent. On the other hand, Male Extra is one supplement which helps in the sexual health of men to increase sexual desire.

Many people when they grow older or due to medical issues suffer from erectile dysfunction or sexual problems. These situations occur when men are unable to achieve erections or can’t even maintain them.

In the case where the man suffers from erectile dysfunction which becomes overly embarrassing. Male Extra is a popular supplement for ED that acts as the growth pill and even targets the fundamentals of male health. It includes the health of blood flow and penile cells. It also assists in improving performance. They are proven scientifically.

They are safe all around. The core benefits of Male Extra are,

Final Verdict On The Best ED Drug

All of these male enhancer products mentioned right from Vigrx Plus, ExtenZe, Male Extra and ProSolution Plus Pills are exceptional. All of them perform their job very well on their consumer. Male Extra increases nitric oxide which makes it possible for the user to achieve an erection.

Lastly, all the results with these supplements are guaranteed. It comes with optimum levels of benefits and even endless satisfaction. Men need not suffer from the issues of ED anymore, as these erectile dysfunction drugs are ready to help.

Some of the health conditions which are related to ED are also heart disease, deficiency of testosterone or other related hormones. One can find these useful products of male enhancement online from their respected official websites.

They are ranked as the highest ones on their benefits. It included all the active ingredients which are known for their affordability, advantages and fast results. These products are also manufactured after careful research on the problems faced by men with erectile dysfunction. They are safe to be used by all men. One can get these products at affordable prices too (the best deals are on their official websites).

So What Are You Waiting For?

Identify your erectile dysfunction signs today, and order your unique male enhancer products today which will help you in maintaining and getting an enormous erection. It will not only boost up confidence within you but will also satisfy your partner to the best level. You don’t have to go anywhere to buy them; you can order them online and can get it delivered to your doorstep.