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Enzyte Review: Do These Natural Male Enhancement Pills Work?

Product Tested Product Tested: Enzyte
Last updated Fact Checked: Feb 23, 2019

Do these natural male enhancement pills work better than ExtenZe? Should you really buy this supplement for erectile dysfunction?

Reviews Online Are Full Of CRAP Because They Are For Making Commissions.

The Majority of Enzyte male enhancement reviews focus on the ingredients and the functional aspects in depth.

We believe the best way of sending string messages to the users is through presenting real-life experiences.

Today, male enhancement products have evolved from their initial stages of energy pumping to sustained suppliers of nutrients and energy supplements.

Thousands of users have switched over from chemical and sedatives based medications to natural methods that work in the long run.

STOP READING: Don’t Read Any Further Down The Page. We DO NOT advise The Use Of This Product From This Date Forth. Read Why By Clicking the Link Below.

The Rest Of This Article Has Been Modified To Some Extent But Has Not Been Changed Completely So Anything You May Read Below That Indicates That This Product Works etc. Please Ignore It.

To understand the functionality of Enzyte’s effectiveness, we need to look at its ingredients. This depends on many factors like;

Erection Quality

Contrary to popular belief that an erection is a purely mental process, there have been many instances where the administration of natural erection agents which cause a physical erection, can also result in increased psychological benefits.

Change In Pace And Time

Most men are under the impression that sexual arousal can be achieved only by physical stimulation. This attitude was prevalent in most of the scientifically advanced mindsets also. However, the arrival of Enzyte pills in the market drastically changed the entire concept overnight.

Erection Stages

When you consume the Enzyte pill what exactly happens in your sexual anatomy?

The stages are scientifically categorized into

Excitation Stage

Noticeable increase in muscular tension. You could experience a marked increase in muscle tension all over your body. This is especially high with the muscles in your abdomen region.

Plateau State Of Erection

This continues from stage 1 and proceeds to the state of orgasm and ejaculation.

The proper process of orgasm is always associated with ejaculation among men.

How to separate the link between orgasm and ejaculation in natural ways.

However, the process can be reversed with the help of Enzyte pills. When you are having an orgasm, the Na+-electrical signals are transmitted from the penis region into your brain. The brain, in turn, sends a strong electrical response. Your ejaculation occurs immediately.

The pill, on the other hand, ceases this Na+ signal from originating. That means, your orgasm touches its peak and subsides to a point without ejaculating.

Then the testicles start retreating into the scrotum region. This is one way of nature to increase the length of the Corpora Cavernosa region. If your penis is less than average size, it may take more time for it to attain normal stages of erection.

The Enzyte Supplement Helps You In Overcoming This Problem.

The pill ingredients make their way into the penis region and reduce the pressure within that area to the maximum extent. Once this is done, there is an automated creation of a vacuum in the Corpora region.

This increases the flow of blood into this region. Your penis gets, at least, two to three times more blood flow compared to the normal conditions. The strength and length of your erection now increase naturally.

Orgasm State

At this stage, many changes happen in the penis tissues. If you can avoid ejaculation at this time with the help of Enzyte, the muscular contraction is avoided. This means the stamina and strength of your penis muscles continue to remain at the same levels.

You can soon climax into another orgasm.

There are several advantages to this change in your orgasm style.

Refractory Stage

This is your post ejaculation period.

Your partner will be able to get back to the excitation stage much faster than you can imagine. This is possible because the female sexual anatomy is naturally made that way. On the other hand, your (male) refractory period extends to more than 10-15 minutes, depending on individuals.

When this time gap is reduced, you can get faster erections.

Performance Levels

Your (male) sexual performance is dependent on many physical and psychological factors. Some are under your control, and others are involuntary reactions of your body.

The large number of reviews which you find online can be referred to find instances where the pill acts in increasing the performance levels of men.


This is an automatic process where your energy is spent at the rate of Kilocalories per second. Though sex is a pleasuring act, it also consumes a considerable part of your stamina.

The ejaculation stage itself takes a toll on your energy because you are losing semen. When you consume Enzyte, it reactivates the stamina in your penis tissues periodically during intercourse.


As long as the lubrication in your penis region is consistent, the tissues and muscles also remain flexible.

The standard process after every ejaculation is that the process of lubrication comes to an end.

Dryness returns and your penis remain flaccid for a longer time (the exterior looks watery due to the ejaculated semen, but the inner parts of your penis get dry. When you consume Enzyte pills, you are exactly reversing the process.

The lubrication process is kept active by the grape seed extract. Enzyte customer reviews primarily suggest overall positive feedback. The Enzyte results also practically show that the supplement has been able to achieve its target goal. However, some of the disturbing events in the past certainly have harmed the product’s reputation.

The Enzyte Scam

This was one of the greatest blows to the 100’s thousands of consumers all over the world. The creator of the pill was reprimanded for falsely leading the customers into a propaganda gimmick. Till today, the product seems to be affected by the scam.

However, some say there are several reasons for supporting the cause of this pill despite the financial scams involving its creator as the brand name was tainted when in fact it was a personal issue relating to the owner.


Supporting Factors For Does Enzyte Make You Bigger

It has been proven naturally that when a human organ or muscle is subject to frequent elongation, it starts growing. Bodybuilders use the same theory and principles in developing their muscles.

Enzyte pill also works on similar logic.

When you have a question about where to buy Enzyte, you can visit the official website (LINK REMOVED), or any of the official links are shown in the various reviews, blogs, and other online publications.

The F.A.Q Section of the pill also contains many queries like where can I buy Enzyte.

We DO NOT RECOMMEND buying from the official site nor any other retailer for that matter. STAY AWAY from this product at all costs.

Enzyte Conclusion

Since the Enzyte pills are composed of natural ingredients that are derived from herbal derivatives, you just can’t rule out the benefits of the supplement as a whole.

Of course, there are scams involving the supplement and its campaigning methods.

You could consider the many advertisement campaigns which go a bit overdone in speaking about the benefits of the product.

The best way of determining the truth about the way Enzyte works is to try it out practically for a particular time.


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Shahrokh Shariat, MD

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