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enzyte-free-trial-sample-packWe Wouldnt Take the Enzyte Free Trial Even If They Paid Us To Take It!

CRITICAL UPDATE: Please Disregard This Whole Article As It Was Published At A Time When Enzyte Wasn’t Pulling The Biggest Scam In Human History. Read This Instead And You Will Understand Why: 

The free sample Enzyte is a move towards popularizing the product among the potential users. It also gives them an opportunity to test the claims made by the manufacturers about its quality, durability, and other credentials.

One of the main reasons for the skepticism expressed by the users is the negative publicity hyped on a particular product. The human mind is so much conditioned to the adverse aspects that 100 positive results could prove to be futile when compared to a single limitation.

Let us look at some case studies where the Enzyte free sample actually worked. Of course, we will be considering the possible limitations of the product also.

We at Body Freedom hope this will remove the uncertainty to a certain extent in the user’s approach towards the Enzyte male enhancement pills.

The Curious Case Of Jim, A Fellow Body Freedom Reader

Jim is a 45-year-old salesperson, working for a well-known marketing agency. He is quite lucky as far as his career is concerned. He has been in fact hailed as one of the fast-moving marketing executives who brought a significant amount of profitability to the company. His customer convincing and selling abilities are discussed in every board room meetings.

Jim, however, had been suffering from a personal weakness that he had been unable to overcome. His erectile problem was getting worse by the day. He was a shy sort of guy who never discussed such problems with anyone.

His friends had suggested that he better consult either a psychologist or a sexologist and get rid of his embarrassing health problems for good. However, he kept ignoring and postponing a permanent solution to his problem, as he was a bachelor and a virgin until he turned 38!

It was precisely at this time that Jim faced the first issue with his girlfriend. They had had many casual dates since they met and became friends. It was on their 7th date that Jim could muster the courage to propose to her for marriage. Being greatly in love with Jim, she readily accepted his proposal. Jim’s problems started only then.

Their First Romantic Rendezvous Was In Jim’s Apartment.

It was after waiting for several hours that his girl decided to make the first move. She had been waiting for Jim to make the first step. Everything went fine until the moment of glory.

Jim just could not make up his erection to the extent desired by her. It was natural that she became frustrated. After several attempts, she gave up and walked out on him. Jim made up his mind and met his family physician, who advised some chemical-based hormone-injections.

Jim did have a few dosages of them, but could not test their effects since his girl had vanished from the scene. He had to wait until he got a new girlfriend for himself. It took him another six months. By this time, Jim’s sexual desires and unutilized powers had naturally wanted. The steroid which used to give him frequent erections had ceased to work.

Jim was worried sick.

One of his friends suggested a surgical option too. Jim did not have the nerve to put his sexual nerves under the knife.

One Fine Day, As He Sat And Browsed Through The Net, He Came Across Enzyte Free Trial Offer.

He became curious about the natural ingredients of the product and wanted to try it out. However, he toyed with the idea until his new date proposed for an erotic evening. Being determined to correct his sexual life for good, Jim tried the free Enzyte.

To his surprise, it did work for him the first time. He was able to get his erection on time. His lovemaking session, however, lasted only a few minutes, contrary to his expectations of making it big. But his new girl seemed to understand his issues right from the first word “go.”

She advised him to keep on the pill for some more days until he could achieve a reasonable amount of success. Jim was indeed heartily thankful to her for understanding him.

After about 1 to 2 weeks of a regular trial on Enzyte’s free sample pack, he was able to attain the peak of his complete manhood. This set his course of life back on track. Today Jim does more business than anyone else does, which of course he had been doing earlier as well.

Today Jim does more business than anyone else does, which of course he had been doing earlier as well. He is also the proud father of two healthy kids. His wife is seen to be always cheerful and in a good mood.

The Root Cause Of The Problem?

Reasons for the problem with Jim was his age. At the age of 38, he had developed a physical immunity to sex. Being from an orthodox family, Jim was raised with a firm belief that sex with someone who is not martially related or engaged was evil. Hence, he had remained a virgin in all aspects until the first encounter.

The Problem And The Solution?

The free trial Enzyte literally cured Jim’s problem. Of course, the first dose of the pill did not give the expected results for Jim. He had even had premature ejaculation. There is, of course, a catch here.

The Problem – Jim’s Problem Was Concerned With A Symptom Called Male-Andro-Pause.

He had acquired testosterone deficiency syndrome that generally develops very much later in life. This illness can many times be responsible for some of the following symptoms.

But in the case of Jim, the symptoms seemed to have no problems with his hormone count. Then consulted one of his friends who had used Enzyte pills and had got excellent results.

He Explained Jim’s Actual Problem To Him.

He stated that since men don’t have a standard cycle of periods like women have. This is often defined as Men’s- menopause.

Some of the expert doctors also refer to this situation by the name androgen, which is associated with testosterone. The decline of Testosterone in the aging male leads to a lower than required testosterone count. Therefore, these men practically experience a drastic decrease in the production of the male hormone called testosterone.

This deficiency naturally increases with aging. However, this phenomenon also could also occur in the pre-40’s age. Among such men, the physical ailments such as high-diabetes, steady decline in the count of testosterone and other related psychological sicknesses lead to severe cases.

Most of the men may experience light to severe symptoms including physical fatigue, body and mental weakness, psychological depression, as well as sexual performance problems.

The connectivity of such symptoms with the decreasing testosterone levels is officially yet to be approved, but the large numbers of experienced males are a living testimonial to this problem. This situation had been worsened because of his lack of physical and sexual activities until late ages.

His body had been so much accustomed to self –satisfaction through masturbation, which it was impossible for his sexual anatomy to get used to having sex with a female partner.

Jim did have premature ejaculation problems, and this was not known earlier. When men abstain from active sex with their female partners, this becomes a standard form of sexual dysfunction in them.

This could also occur frequently due to increased psychological nervousness regarding his performance levels during sexual intercourse.

In the case of Jim, his premature ejaculation was being caused due to a lack of sexual attraction towards his female partner. This was the result of his traumatic encounter. His psychological conditions further compounded this. This also included the stringent religious upbringing he had had during his childhood until he reached his middle ages. These were the causes of his attitude towards sex as a sinful act.

Many times he had depended on alcohol and anti-depressant pills to take his sexual desires to mate with a female partner away.

Premature Ejaculation, One Of The Most Common Forms Of Sexual Dysfunction.

This problem could arise due to problems related to nervousness. In some cases, premature ejaculations could be caused due to a lack of sexual and physical attraction for his partner, previous traumatic events, and psychological factors, including a strict background that causes the person to view sex as a sinful act.

Jim had similar problems. He had depended on alcohol and antidepressants to overcome his sexual problems and suppress his natural attraction for females.

The Enzyte Solution

This is where The Enzyte pills helped him overcoming his menopause and erectile dysfunction problems in the most natural ways possible. Of course, it took time for Jim to overcome his physical as well as his psychological problems.

His new girlfriend did show a lot of patience and understanding in Helping Jim get out of his self-pity and psychologically depressing attitudes.

This Incident Brings Several Points Into Focus.