ED Treatment

by Shahrokh Shariat | Last Updated: October 29, 2019

ed treatmentRecently we received an email from a 24-year-old Body Freedom reader that sometimes has problems getting an erection. The reader was worried about his performance and wondered why someone his age was even having these issues.

Not willing to go to his physician to get a prescription for Viagra they also asked us if there are any natural treatments without those kinds of drugs, that actually prove effective in combating this problem.

We set out to discover the truth…

Coming up short during a sexual encounter is probably every man’s worst nightmare. Erectile dysfunction is an incredibly common problem and affects a significant portion of the population.

While those affected are typically over 40, younger men also suffer as millions of younger men around the world, including our reader, probably already know.

Before you start popping pills or ingesting strange herbs bought over the counter, it’s worth first looking at why you’re getting this problem, as the cause can affect the way you go about treating it.

Normal Erection 

When a male becomes aroused his brain starts increasing the flow of blood towards the penis. This is coupled with the constriction of veins that take away blood from the penis to prevent blood flowing away. Blood then builds up and as the penis’s outer layer can’t stretch much which results in an erection.

Erectile Dysfunction (Ed)

For each of the steps that happen, to begin and maintain an erection some problems can prevent these actions from taking place, or cause them to end prematurely. For example, your brain may never give the signal necessary to increase blood to the penis if you are experiencing a reduced libido.

This can happen for a range of medical problems, such as low testosterone, or be caused by psychological problems, such as anxiety or depression. Taking certain drugs such as antidepressants can also affect your libido.

Other parts of the process can also be affected and prevent things from functioning as they should. For an erection to occur and be maintained, you must get sufficient blood supply to your penis.

If you suffer from atherosclerosis, then your arteries harden and no longer stretch as far, meaning they are no longer able to provide a sufficient amount of blood. If the nerve signals from the brain never arrive due to nerve damage then this can prevent an erection too – this can be a problem for sufferers of Diabetes.

If your penis is bent and this is what the primary cause of ED for you then you should read about Peyronie’s disease.

Ed and Performance Anxiety

If your problem isn’t medical, it might be psychological. If consensual sex causes problems but you are okay with masturbation, then it might be that the issue stems from within your own head.

Performance anxiety affects a significant number of young men, often resulting in a vicious circle that makes it harder and harder to attain and maintain an erection. For example, you may have performance problems one evening as the result of drinking too much alcohol.

Next time you perform you remember this and begin to get anxious and distracted and the pressure causes you problems again. As this occurs more and more, your anxiety gets worse and worse until drastic action is required to help you regain confidence.

One of the leading causes of impotence in young men is tobacco use. So the first natural fix you might want to try if you are a smoker is to look to quit, as tobacco is actually the primary cause of reversible impotence, especially among young men.

Regardless of whether you dip, chew or smoke the effect on your sex life could be the same – so even if you’re not worried about cancer or heart disease you’d be well advised to give up smoking.

Erectile Dysfunction (Ed) Treatment

There are several natural herbal treatments out there that are used as aids to help cure erectile dysfunction. Some of these just offer a placebo, as just the thought of taking a pill helps some young men to increase confidence and regain a good erection. Other herbal remedies contain acetildenefil, a molecule very similar to sildenafil which is Viagra’s active ingredient.

Both, sildenafil and acetildenefil work to increase the flow of blood into the penis by dilating blood vessels. In the past some herbal remedies have even contained Viagra as an unmentioned ingredient – for legal reasons, these disappear from the market rapidly when discovered.

Acetildenafil hasn’t been tested for safety and is currently listed as an “unregulated drug” by the FDA. As these drugs can have many serious side effects, I’d hesitate to recommend purchasing them from sources you are unsure about or even at all since there are many safer natural alternatives available such as Vigrx Plus.

Another common option sold in pharmacies is Yohimbe, and before Viagra, some doctors did use to prescribe products containing it to sufferers with problems getting an erection.

It is still available for purchase and is an essential ingredient in many herbal remedies such as Extenze pills but does have side effects such as high blood pressure, nausea, and anxiety associated with it. (Only if you regularly exceed the recommended dosage).

When taking any supplement you should exercise caution, the main problem with them is the complete lack of scientific evidence showing whether they work – you may just be throwing your money away. So do your due diligence beforehand and also check out our real customer reviews of some of the safest most renowned supplements available.

To conclude the simple answer is at 26 (or any age actually) and experiencing erectile dysfunction the first person you should be going to is your physician.

They see many cases of people of all ages and if you are suffering from a medical or psychological problem they can offer something to treat it. A few Male Extra pills might be all that is needed to help you regain your confidence and get back on the wagon.