ED Devices And Erection Aids

by Shahrokh Shariat | Last Updated: August 17, 2019

My name is Dustin, and I am a medical device technician for BathMate and Penomet. What we’re going to be explaining today is a VED or a vacuum erection device. In particular, this is going to be the BathMate, HydroMax, and Penomet.

A Little Background…

Penis pumps have been around since the 1970s, invented by James Osborne, when that got invented it was pretty much one of the only treatments for erectile dysfunction.

Since then the penis pump has advanced to become much more efficient, safer and even to use water instead of air as a medium for the vacuum.

The original pumps were air-based, but now we have Hydro pumps in various forms from different brands. We recommend either the BathMate or the Penomet.

At that particular time when vacuum pumps were invented, they were the only erection aid available. Now we have many different aids ranging from prescription pills such as Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis. To much safer herbal supplements such as VigRX Plus, Male Extra, ExtenZe and ProSolution Plus Pills. And even penile implants, injections and surgeries.

Viagra came out in the late 90s, but now we have a whole bunch of different erection aids, and penis pumps can be used with them or run alongside them or even before them. The BathMate or Penomet can also be used exclusively on their own to help with ED.

Penis pumps have been given the all-clear from the FDA (the food and drug administration). So, as a result, doctors have even begun to offer them as an aid to help sufferers alleviate the symptoms of erectile dysfunction. It just shows how safe and widely recognized they have become since they were first introduced in the 1970s.

What we do primarily when dealing with penis pumps is to educate patients about an essential part of a vacuum device that is going to be education. Firstly, most guys think their penises as their little buddy, it just works! Your body doesn’t care if it’s your little friend and it treats it like any other tissue or muscle in your body.

Also, guys hate to stop and ask for directions. That’s why we’re writing all these articles on this website.

Let’s Start With A Little More Background On How Your Penis Actually Works…

Normally the way your penis works is we have little nerve bundles at the base of your prostate. So your mind sends the signal when it’s stimulated. These signals travel down those nerves which then in turn release this whole chemical reaction to make the penis tissues expand and fill with blood.

Very simply, if you think of your penis like a big sponge, that sponge fills with blood and pushes out against all these layers of skin surrounding it to compress and compact which makes your penis hard.

We also have a whole bunch of veins that run in between those layers of skin. When those layers of skin compress and compact, those veins compress and compact also stopping the blood flow from going back into your body. You really need 100% of that erection to compress those veins and to get those layers of skin to compress. Which makes your penis hard.

In order to keep those tissues stretched and healthy, your body is actually repairing that tissue while you sleep. It’s going to the gym so to speak in practice for the big game. The way you’re supposed to have 3 to 6 erections an evening while you sleep. Most guys do not know that! They only get to see the erection that they wake up with. Their partner might have though, if she ends up getting poked in the back so to speak.

But, Most Guys Don’t Know…

That their body is actually keeping those tissues bathed in oxygenated blood, keeping them stretched, maintaining length, maintaining girth. Therefore, when they go to use their erection for sexual intercourse, they can have a full, rigid erection to penetrate.

So, primarily what we do these days with the BathMate or Penomet is going to be exercise, or we do rehab/preservation. What we mimic are those nocturnal erections.

Guys that go through prostate cancer is kind of how this started, they damaged those little nerve bundles we talked about but they have a chance at coming back, as long as we can get them quick enough and this is when we predict that they are going to suffer from erectile dysfunction. Most likely, it’s going to happen coming out of that surgery.

So, when we use a vacuum erection device such as a BathMate or Penomet post-surgery or whether it’s for diabetes, vascular issues, thyroid levels, testosterone levels, systemic diseases, you name it! It’s usually a combination of a whole bunch of stuff, and all guys are suffering psychologically.

So, when we go to the clinic and talk to these guys about their physiology, anatomy, we make sure that they’re comfortable with using the penis pump and we have to make sure that it actually fits them. There are tons of different options for erection aids. The Penomet, for example, comes with over five different Gators ranging in tension and the BathMate has a whole variety of pumps in their product line which all vary in their intensities.

A BathMate HydroMax Pump comes with different sized cylinders for men who have slightly bigger penises than average to overly large sized penises. There are also different inserts and accessories. Some go with just built-in pumps in the form of Gators and others with additional hand pumps if you have dexterity issues or need even more intensity.

It’s Important To Find The Right Pump…

…with the right accessories and fit because this is something that you would want to use for the rest of your life. So you must be comfortable with it.

Now when we go to create the erections, you can insert the penis into the cylindrical tube and apply it up against the body to produce a vacuum seal. You usually plan to draw blood flow into the penis slowly, that’s going to create a negative pressure making those spongy tissues expand and fill with blood.

When it fills with enough blood, you should see the penis start to lift off the bottom of the see-through cylinder giving you an erection. When it gives you that erection now you’re doing exercise, most guys will hold their penis in there for a few minutes or so.

When you are ready to release, there is a valve at the end of the pump which releases the pressure to let it down. With water-based pumps such as the BathMate or Penomet, most guys use it either in the shower or the bath. The vacuum will allow the pump to stay attached to your penis enabling you to be hands-free and continue showering.

You can do a series of four or five short pumping sessions consecutively in one round. Make sure that in total you have remained in a pumped state for at least 10 minutes and a maximum of 20 minutes. It’s kind of like going to the gym, but you’re basically creating an erection, holding it for a few moments and then releasing it. Down… Up… Down… Up… Just like going to the gym and just like any other tissue or muscle. Those tissues need to be stretched, maintained and kept oxygenated.

When we use the BathMate or Penomet, we advised that you guys practice for the first couple of weeks. Even if you don’t want to use penis pumps for sexual intercourse, continue to do that exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle.

You will soon begin to start waking up with erections every single day; they’re going to function all on their own with this device by making sure that you are making up for what your body is supposed to be doing and then we can treat the erections that you want for sexual intercourse much easier.

To See Results Even Quicker…

You should use a BathMate or Penomet daily or at least every other day coupled with male enhancement pills such as VigRX Plus, Male Extra, ExtenZe or ProSolution Plus Pills.

For the sexual intercourse aspect, if we apply the pump to an erection inside the penis pump and it lifts off the bottom and then all of a sudden we remove the device, the erection goes away. So in order to maintain that erection, we would use one of the supplements mentioned above. This will help in this regard. The tension ring which is just an ordinary cock ring Would be used to trap the blood inside the penis.

After you have applied the tension ring, if you are still using your erection it probably means that you need a tighter cock ring. They come in various sizes and are readily available from the Internet, and they are also relatively cheap.

Over time, and as your penis becomes used to the influx of blood in and out of your penis. It will begin to get strengthened (that includes the tissues, muscles, veins, etc.) after continuous use; you will no longer need to use a cock ring as your penis becomes conditioned and strengthened.

There are a whole bunch of different erection aids, but we have left off the ones that require surgery or prescription meds which come with adverse side effects. The ED devices and supplements we have highlighted are the most efficient, safest and up-to-date erection aids available.