Does X4 Labs WORK?

by Shahrokh Shariat | Last Updated: July 27, 2019

What Is x4 Labs?x4labs

X4labs is the company that manufactures and supplies the latest apparatus system for natural Penis enlargement.

It is primarily based on traction therapy technology.

With this, the inventors are aiming to achieve the best results within a finite period.

Medical experts have developed the kit with the complete knowledge base from the native “stretching” and the “traction” used in orthopedics.

The extender is a unique advancement in many aspects compared to conventional equipment.

So why choose the x4labs extender?

There are many reasons for choosing X4labs today.

Conventional therapy methods and the enlargement-equipment had their limitations.

The major one was the missing link between comfort and functionality factors.

The user had to choose one of them.

This limitation has been overcome by the experts who developed the perfect extender.

The device focuses on the microscopic-level of traction rather than the macro-level.

The base support method relies on hybrid extender-support, with a Quad-based and a wide girth-base. It means you will be able to wear this device using the 58-way quad support which is most comfortable for you and your penis.

It has multiple fastener-options.

It provides multiple comfort options.

Co-support pieces ensure the highest safety and maximum benefits.


The entire assembly is designed to exercise the penis muscles and tissues naturally over a period. Along with this, the equipment conditions every Penis-cell to expand naturally.

Every millimeter of growth in length and the enlargement of girth gained is irreversible. Hence, your body does not “resist or reject” the equipment.

Unlike conventional devices, the X4labs-device does not need to be used 24/7 as long as you can accumulate a reasonable amount of hours in total. You can get maximum results by using it in time-slots, taking a break in between.

Functionality and Benefits Of X4 Labs Deluxe

The device starts functioning right from the first day you wear it.

The Loop-and-support piece system aptly supports the extension rods.

It ensures a sufficient support base to your penis at every stage of expansion.

The tissues in your penis muscles are stretchable by nature. However, the cells remain attached to each other.

The extender device slowly stretches the tissues horizontally as well as longitudinally, allowing sufficient time-gap for the tissues to get adjusted to their new state.

The supporting-fasteners and the parallel extension-rods prevent the tissues from bloating.sinrex free with x4labs

The enhancement pills called Sinrex, which comes with the package, provide an adequate supply of healing compounds and energizing supplements to strengthen the extended tissues.

Over time, the entire penis muscles and tissues get conditioned to expansion.

From this stage onwards, the growth in length and girth becomes natural.

The base and head support provided by the extender plays a critical role in the overall functionality of the system.

The medical experts and scientists who have worked in the design and development of this unique system have a complete understanding of medicine, native methods used in organ extension as well as orthopedics.

Cell Division Occurs Using All X4 Labs Editions

Mitosis is a process by which a cell gets divided into two or more sub-cells which again grow to become intact cells by themselves.

You could say; you are creating multiple copies of the same cell with exactly similar characteristics and functionality.

Benefits of using this X4 Labs

The system has eight different slots for inserting the straps. That means it supports a penis of any girth undoubtedly. Men with less than average or above-average girth size can use the same equipment with little modifications in the strap slots.


The architecture supports the Corpora-cavernosa in its base and provides sufficient breathing and expansion space for it.

The U-shaped Loops help in straightening the growing penis. That means you are getting multiple benefits of penis-extension, girth-enhancement as well as…

Flaccidity-expansion: – This is one of the major issues faced by men during erection. Penis muscles tend to lose their excited state soon, and the erection volume retards. This is due in large part to the inelastic nature of muscle tissues.

Tensile-strength enhancement: – The x4labs-extender helps in increasing the tensile strength of each tissue cell. The new cells created from mitosis also get strengthened in this manner. This ensures stable erections.

The extension rod is not a single piece of steel which is provided to support. It is a complex alignment of multiple tiny rods supported with a medically certified spring system. That means the parallel extension-rods expand slowly, along with the growth of the penis.

Tissue strengthening supports the enhancing girth. That means, your penis tissues are now capable of withstanding friction without getting too sensitive. This aspect has proved to be an appropriate therapy for premature ejaculation.

Men with Curved-penis find this device quite useful.x4 labs curved penis

The method helps in aligning the penis tissues correctly. The muscles fall into adjacent lines and grow in parallel. Thousands of users with a curved penis have been able to find an effective cure to their problems with is the device.

How to use X4 Labs? 

The detailed instructions given in the manual are your guide.

Make sure that you follow all the instructions precisely and deliberately while wearing the extender.

Do x4 labs extenders work?

This question can be answered best by those who have experienced the benefits.

However, if you are a new user, you can go through the thousands of reviews and feedback which is flooding the various social networks every day.

The fact that the device works for sure is based on;

What are the X4 Labs editions?

The device is available in multiple editions.

Here’s a table showing all the versions and the details you need before buying.

x4 editions

Refer to the online manuals and user reviews before you make up your mind to purchase the most suitable edition that fits your physical conditions, and penis dimensions.

Of course, the reviews and ratings will surely be sufficient to guide you in this direction.

You don’t have to consult your physician.

Probable X4 Labs Disadvantages

The device seems to be too sophisticated in design, compared to the others available. This could be probably due to the multiple features and benefits which have been incorporated into a single device.

You could face some pressure issues if you get an erection while wearing the device. According to the manufacturers, it is supposed to slide-out and adjust itself.

X4 Labs Editions Conclusion 

If you are looking for a non-surgical and non-medicinal method for the best penis enlargement procedure with near-zero risks and maximum benefits, the device from x4 labs is best suited for you.

If you have any questions or clarifications, the customer support is just a call away.

You get immediate response and an assured solution, round the clock.

They have a live chat feature where you can speak to their team directly and get answers to any questions that you might still need to be answered.

They also have a one-year money-back guarantee so no worries there.

x4 financing optionsAlso, if you can’t afford it right now but still want to start growing your penis as soon as possible, they have a finance option where you can pay in installments.

Seems like a win-win situation really, well what do you expect from a company that’s been in business for over ten years.

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