Does Male Edge Work?

by Shahrokh Shariat | Last Updated: July 6, 2019

Does Male Edge Work? My Gains After 4 Months! Did It Work?

meIf you have read my posts on my actual Male Edge Results, then you can see that I used it initially for three months and increased the size of my member by a whole inch.

The results after three months have motivated me, even more, to keep using it for another three months, so it’s great to be back with you all. So now I am into my fourth month of using the extender and have increased 1/4 of an inch in length since the last month.

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I have increased the tension now though since my penis is used to being stretched after all those months. That’s probably why my gains have remained quite constant.

It seems that the growth has slowed down a bit which I was expecting because I have read that the growth is fastest the first few months of extending.

My penis has become a lot thicker to 3/4 of an inch increase in girth! Probably the way the cells have to multiply to keep up with the stretching? Who knows?

Josh using the extenderI am not a doctor or anything so I can’t fully understand how this is working but at this rate, I am still getting a Ph.D. (pretty huge dick :p)

I am definitely getting much bigger, seems like my underwear is getting much tighter too. I have to rearrange myself all the time when I sit down because my penis is always getting squashed. Well, it’s a tough job, but somebodies got to do it :)

My penis has been hanging longer ever since my first two weeks of using the Male Edge but now after four months, it looks like it’s somebody else’s penis when I look in the mirror. It looks meaty and aggressive.

I can’t explain how confident and happy it makes me feel not only with my penis but just generally I am a much happier person. I stand taller in both ways if you know what I mean.

Just to sum it up since I started using the MALE EDGE 4 months ago I have gained 1 and a quarter inch in erect length and 3/4 of an inch in girth.

Did My Wife Think Male Edge Worked…

Well, we have been having sex much more often than we used to, and I can definitely keep up. Sometimes even 3 or 4 times a day and my dick is rock hard every time. After I have cum a few times, I still get rock hard to the point where it kind of hurts a little bit but in the right way.

It’s probably my bodies way of telling me that my penis has been hard for a few hours that day, and I should calm down :p

Orgasms are much more intense too (obviously for her but I was talking about me here). I always try not to make a sound when I ejaculate but sometimes it’s so intense I really can’t help it whatsoever.

My penis shoots ropes now too. I missed my wife’s boobs the other day, and it squirted almost halfway across the room and onto the wall. Messy business ;)

She had to clean it up, but damn I feel like a porn star, this just seems like an added benefit which is fine because I was only after the extra inches :p

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After I told her that I am using the extender, she is very supportive, and I even let her put it on for me sometimes. But this doesn’t always work out because I end up getting semi-erect sometimes, and you need your penis to be flaccid when you strap it into the extender so we sometimes end up having sex before I put it on which I can’t complain about.

During sex, it’s great to hear her compliment me on my extra inch and a quarter, she says it fills her up more and because it’s much harder too I have to start gently, so I don’t hurt her. I feel so much better about myself like an entirely new man.

Oops…josh using the extender again

One of my comfort straps has given way totally, but it’s not a problem because it came with 4 in total.

At first, I thought they were no good because they started to slip sometimes but all I have to do to make it brand new again is wash it with soap and dry it.

This brings it back to almost a brand new condition as the silicone becomes much more rubbery again and no more slippage which is great.

I called up the manufacturers and told them that the comfort strap has kind of broken, and they sent me two more completely free of charge.

I wasn’t expecting that because I have two more brand new ones in the box anyway, and they seem to last a couple of months each anyway.

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What’s Next With Male Edge…

I think that should be all for now, but I will write up my results and experience for month 5 when I get to it.

Fingers crossed I should have increased 1 and a half inches by then. If you haven’t read the previous months, then you can do that HERE and also check out my detailed Male Edge Review.

And if you are ready to try it for yourself, then click the link just below to go to the only reputable official website.

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