Does ExtenZe Work?

by Shahrokh Shariat | Last Updated: February 1, 2019

Does ExtenZe Really Work?does-extenze-work

The functionality of Extenze can be broadly categorized into two aspects, namely physical and psychological.

For the physical aspect, the ingredients come into play largely here. Every ingredient is made to function at this level independently. The active ingredients are those who play a critical role.

They shape up your penis tissues and muscles, remove the toxic elements from your physiological system, increase the blood flow and fix the working of the nervous system. Besides, they activate the complete male sexual organs system to work in unison with each other.

Let us look at some of those functionalities in detail when we uncover the secrets.

Secrets behind ExtenZe Working  And functionality

The ingredients and their hidden power are the fundamental driving forces. The question of how Extenze works is answered here.


This is one of the primary ingredients of Extenze pills. The form of this Ginseng in this capsule is also referred to as the Korean-Ginseng. The extract is taken out and added as an ingredient to this pill. The Ginseng ingredient in the pill acts as the functionality improving agent.

The work of Extenze is critically dependent on the way this ingredient is absorbed by the corpora-Cavernosa region in the penis.

Ginseng helps in the Detox process.

It starts removing the toxic elements from this region very quickly. Most of the toxic elements are the residues that remain during the metabolic process. The toxic elements of the highest importance to be removed generally come from the amount of alcohol one consumes and the nicotine.

They are light substances to be removed when the Ginseng plays its critical role; it clears the blood flow path.

Your penis corpora region can accommodate more blood flow than ever before; now erections are stable and vigorous. All the toxic elements which work to block the blood flow are now eliminated for good. This point answers your question, do Extenze pills really work?

One of the major reasons for men to be skeptic and ask if Extenze works is because they are suffering from premature ejaculations; those that just refuse to go away and it may seem like there is no light at the end of the tunnel.

It has become so routine that the question “does Extenze work?” also refuses to go away from their thinking.

If you happen to be one of them, please read on…

The Ginseng is helpful to you to a large extent in holding back your ejaculationThis happens at the physical level and hence can be practically experienced by you. What happens is, The Na+ signal (Sodium) which gets transmitted to the base region in your brain gets slowed down.

This in effect will cease the urge for you to ejaculate.

The cessation will be in force until your female partner starts lubricating and reaches her own orgasms. At some point in time, when your actions match with each other, your ejaculation will happen.

extenze-bannerThere is a difference here, though.

The ejaculation that you will experience then is going to be far more satisfying and natural compared to earlier premature-ejaculations. What the volume of your semen and sperm increases as your penis spurts out is larger compared to the previous condition.

Your virility has naturally increased with the regular consumption of the pill. Your subsequent erections are freely conditioned to delay in Na+ signaling. Your nerves get conditioned to the new cycle of active-numbness and prolonged sexual intercourse. This means the sodium compound responsible for the ejaculation is held back within the penis region for a longer duration naturally.


Have you ever observed the athletes and gymnasts tirelessly working out on the fine beam for hours?

They never seem to get tired at all. On the contrary, their performance levels seem to increase relentlessly as time passes by. This is one of the reasons for their training sessions were so successful. This is especially more applicable to the gymnasts from China and the Southeast Asian countries. The secret behind their performance level is the Velvet-deer-antler.

The same ingredient is known to promote the performance ability of your body and penis. It improves the flexibility of tissues and muscles in your complete pelvic areas. Your Sexual intercourse time gradually increases with time.

This point should be sufficient to answer your question of do Extenze pills work. Sexual intercourse is a pure act of coordination between two bodies and two minds.

When you can flex your sexual reflexes with those of your female partner, your intercourse tends to get prolonged, and you experience multiple orgasms without necessarily ejaculating prematurely.

If you wish to know how Extenze works?

You can take a look at the articles related to the extensive use of Velvet-deer-antler in the various reviews and feedback available on this website. You can also find detailed information on the official website of the manufacturer.

The extract of Muira-Puama

This is another natural ingredient in the pill. This is one substance which is capable of prolonging your sexual performance. This is done by constantly increasing your sexual libido with respect to time. It tunes your penis and all its tissues in one wavelength.

Besides, it acts as a block removing agent meaning the blocks in your central nervous system are cleared. Many times, the blocks are created due to natural factors. However, the majority of such blocks happen due to your irregular food and physical activity problems.

The functionality of this ingredient is another explanation of how Extenze pills work when consumed.muira-puama-uvu

Fat and cholesterol accumulation

This is a peculiar problem related to an excess of fat and cholesterol accumulation in your blood veins. Besides creating cardiovascular blocks, they also prevent the free flow of sexual arousing hormones and testosterone from entering the corpus region.

The Muira Extract is a power anti-oxidant. It is capable of clearing all the blocks within a short span of time. Once you start consuming this pill regularly, your problems of testosterone supply will naturally be restored to the maximum levels.

Moreover, it builds your sexual stamina from the roots of the penis to the Glans penis region.


This mineral can increase the tensile strength of your tissues to a large extent. Zinc-oxide can bring the highest level of flexibility to the tissues in the penis region. The other benefit of zinc-oxide is the timely activation of sexual arousal and erections.

The actions require the highest level of coordination between the penis nerves and the signals being sent out from your brain for a timely erection. Zinc-oxide is the perfect agent for sparking it. You can assume it to work like the spark plug in your car engine.

Just like the spark-plug connects the vast supply of fuel to the engine and ignites the fire, zinc-oxide ignites the fire between the reproductive potential of your penis and the continued signals of sexual desire from the base region of your brain.

This process called the libido increment helps in strengthening the nerves in the penis. Energy and vitamins are also supplied at regular intervals to the penis tissues and nerves, due to the action of zinc-oxide. This is the reason for the dramatic increase in the duration of your sexual activities.

Horny goat weed

The strength of the penis depends on this unique ingredient. There is one interesting element involved with the penis intensity. It has to be high for it to make your erections harder. At the same time, your erections can never be like rock hardness. This is because of nature its structure.

There are no bones in your penis. Imagine what would happen if your penis were to have bones like the rest of yourhorny-goat-weed body? Hence, the erection is also flexible. This is where the actual strength of the weed comes into the picture.

This ingredient is helpful in many ways. It makes your penis tissues more healthy. Now you will experience that your penis erections are getting stable. You will be able to sustain them over an extended period of time.

Since your penis tissues can get that extra dosage of vitamins, minerals, and support, its strength will be extra hard.

You are now experiencing the strong positive influences of the weed in the flaccid state also. This is one of the reasons for your quick regaining of erections after every ejaculation.

When you ask if Extenze really works, recall your own experiences with this pill. The first ejaculation of your intercourse gets prolonged to a state like never before.

This is the first step in crossing the limitations posed by the growth of your penis over time naturally. We have many pages about Extenze for you to learn from, just search in the search box, and you can see the various pictures and videos.

This will explain better about the practical way in which the ingredients in the pill work.

How fast does Extenze work?

Hopefully, Your question of does Extenze work has been answered. The time frame of effectiveness is real fast. You will be able to experience the results within days and even feel it working within an hour of taking it.

This is one of the advantages. You don’t have to go on waiting for the mechanical results.

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