Do Penis Extenders Work?

by Shahrokh Shariat | Last Updated: October 11, 2019

jes-extender-vs-andropenisWhile that title will probably flag this article in every spam filter designed by man, it’s also true. Recent research by doctors on the Jes Extender suggests an extender for your penis can enlarge the soft length of your penis by as much as one inch.

Tests were done using the Jes Extender, a penile extender, or ‘traction device’, for those that want to make it sound scientific, which according to the manufacturers should be used for a minimum of six hours each day for six months or more to get the promised results.

Doctors say it is both efficient and safe, and that extensive use can increase the size of your erection and even improve your erectile function. Should you want to read the results for yourself, they are available from the BJU International, March issue. (That’s the British Journal of Urology of course).

So while it does mildly resemble a torture device fresh out of the medieval ages – is this the penile extender you’ve been looking for? Well…yes. Maybe.

The evolution of penis stretchers has reached a stage where the companies are now focused on comfort, thus wearing it would be less torturous and better results could be achieved. One such device is known as Sizegenetics comes with a 58-way comfort system.

Research is on the up

While in the past you might have been more likely to read about a penile extender in a top-shelf men’s magazine more and more research is being done within the scientific community.

Many men would want to have a bit of extra length (even though a very high percentage of us are reasonable and can copulate just fine).

The name given to anxiety over length is penile dysmorphophobia, which has been becoming more and more common, presumably also within the scientific community judging by the increased amount of studies done on the subject.

While data is somewhat sparse, it is accepted that the typical penis length when flaccid is approximately 3 inches, and anywhere between 1 and 4 inches being average. Regardless of size, when soft, the average length when erect is about 5 or 6 inches.

As men compare more and more through social media, men’s magazines and watching unusually proportioned porn stars, surgical procedures and other methods designed to increase length are becoming more and more popular. Surgery is risky, though, and historically has come with colossal rates of dissatisfaction, so unless you truly have a micro-penis, most urologists are against opting for surgery.

Hoping to find a solution that works for men with a penis that is smaller than 1 and a half inches when not erect and no more than 2.75” when erect, an intrepid band of scientists led by Wendy Hurn, a urologist, along with others at the Bristol Royal Infirmary Hospital based in the United Kingdom decided to put the claims of one commercial penile extender to the test.

Science to the rescue

Wendy Hurn (urologist)Wendy Hurn (pictured to the right) started his research by recruiting 15 men highly motivated to increase their length.

They would make use of the Jes Extender as per the manufacturer’s guidelines – that’s six hours a day for a minimum of six months. Sticking strictly to the manufacturer’s guidelines the traction used by the device is gradually increased, starting at 1.30 pounds and going up to as much as 2.6 lbs.

Subjects were measured regularly throughout the test and also measured six months later, after the trial ended, to see if the results stayed or disappeared.

Even six months later, after the device had stopped being used, results showed some significant successes. On average the men had gained about 0.9” when flaccid, 32%, and approximately an extra half an inch when erect, which shows that these devices could improve erection size.

Hurn indicated that the improvements were made regardless of starting size, so both those with a very small penis and those with a more average penis (yet still suffering from penile dysmorphophobia) gained benefits.

Despite positive results, they didn’t quite line up with the manufacturer’s claims. Jes Extender markets the device as being able to give an average increase of 1.3” to an erection as well as a thicker girth. With only a half-inch gain to an erection and no perceived change in circumference, the results cannot be said to live up to the hype, although they are still positive.

The scientific journal does not indicate as to whether the men’s partners had gained any extra pleasure from the change.

Still a stretch of the imagination?

A half an inch increase in length to your erection is certainly a positive result – but is it worth stretching your penis in a device resembling torture equipment for six hours each day for six months?

Urologists themselves wince at the idea as many of their patients are people who have caused damage to their penis, quite often permanently, through too much stretching or use of other devices such as vacuum pumps. Both methods can result in penile fractures or the bursting of blood vessels.

Hurn has gone on record to say that a gradual stretching could be a safe method of increasing penis length – just as other skin tissue can be stretched in procedures for cosmetic reasons such as breast enhancements.

Hurn’s next study will be investigating the effect of Peyronie’s disease (curved penis) that a penile extender can have. A small earlier study recently written in the Journal of Sexual Medicine indicated that the use of a penile extender could both decrease curvature and increase size.

peyronies stretcher

For those of you thinking of trying the device yourself, Hurn gives one last warning – do not wear the device while sleeping in case you roll over and cause yourself one of the painfully sounding “penile fractures”.

Hurn also warns that other products such as hormones, creams, and supplements marketed to increase length and size are unlikely to have any effect and may even be dangerous. However other research indicates otherwise, but consider yourself warned.

UPDATE: Since this article refers to the conventional penile stretcher devices, it is advised that you do not sleep in the device. However, a new type of stretcher which uses both traction forces in conjunction with vacuum forces is ideal for wearing to sleep.

This extender is called the Phallosan Forte and has also been tested and had the results published in the Journal of Urology. Furthermore, it has been awarded FDA clearance. Click here to read a Phallosan Forte review from one of our Body Freedom readers.