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Mens Delay Spray: Best Desensitizing Premature Ejaculation Products

Which are the best desensitizing premature ejaculation products for men to last longer in bed? Should you buy Stud or Promescent? Which is better for a natural long-lasting climax?

Last updated Fact Checked: Jan 25, 2022

You will find different information about male sexual stamina-related issues on this website, each article tackling something very specific. It’s hard to know which technique for premature ejaculation will work best for which person, seeing as we’re all different.

Even the professionals are not able to give a blanket statement in this regard.

But, to explain it in simple terms, we can split the premature ejaculation solution into two categories; short-term and long-term.

A better approach would be to rectify the issue of premature ejaculation permanently rather than looking for temporary fixes.

Even, this is similar to a medical/professional approach. If you were suffering from a headache every day, you wouldn’t just take paracetamol daily, would you? Rather, you would seek medical supervision for some prescribed drugs for relief.

So, by using a premature ejaculation spray you will have never gotten rid of your sexual dysfunction for good, you will just be masking the symptoms. By using them, your body will become dependent on them. Ideally, it is better to use them in conjunction with natural techniques and exercises. That’s not to say that they don’t have their place, they can help, but you shouldn’t make them your primary treatment option.

Learning and mastering control over your premature ejaculation is by far the recommended option. But, it doesn’t make any sense to strictly only adhere to desensitizing PE sprays without making any effort to fix the problem correctly.

The Short Term Solution – Climax Delay Spray…

The answer will differ from person to person, and some will benefit more than others. It’s difficult to say which option would be better for you right now; the short-term solution or the long-term.

Let’s say you are only able to last 5 minutes when having intercourse with your partner. This would be seen as unsatisfactory by you and your partner. If this happens regularly, it will take its toll and start to affect your relationship and self-esteem.

What Do You Do?

Do you use a penis spray and begin to delay ejaculation immediately or do you take time and effort to learn techniques to start overcoming mental anxiety and the various other deep-rooted problems that may be causing it, rather than just counteracting the over-stimulation aspect?

I can’t answer that question for you; you need to think about it! There’s no right or wrong answer either, especially if you’re looking for an immediate positive effect due to feeling embarrassed or frustrated.

It’s completely understandable and feasible for you to start using the best delay spray to experience a normal sex life within a relatively short period.


The Downsides Of Male Genital Desensitizing Products

Desensitizing sprays do not necessarily pose any problems unless, of course, it is the only option you plan on using. Let’s go through some of them so you can better understand any altercations you may face;


We’re not bashing penis numbing/desensitizing/delaying creams or sprays! We just do not recommend them as a permanent solution and do not want you to start using them as a temporary solution and end up relying on them making it into an ongoing solution after you have seen the desired effects first-hand.

When used in conjunction with natural exercises and techniques they provide a tremendous confidence boost as you implement fundamental techniques alongside them.

You will feel like a superhero!

The Long-Lasting Solution

To explain it simply, all we need to say is that by learning certain natural techniques you can eliminate premature ejaculation from your vocabulary and more importantly from your penis for good.

Still, it seemed as though the temporary solution is more appealing to most guys. We’re not sure whether that’s because they are unaware of natural permanent, long-term solutions or because it’s just easier to let the spray do the work for you. Most guys don’t like the idea of putting in any effort.

Similarly, you will be required to put in some level of effort with desensitizing products as it will be a learning curve. How much do you put on? How long before you have sex should you apply it? How long will a certain amount last? Do you use it when receiving oral sex? Latex Condoms can be used without a problem and a cock ring can help to eliminate erectile dysfunction.

It will take a bit of trial and error, so why not be willing to put the same amount of effort into learning fundamental techniques at the same time as using a numbing spray? Who knows.

Regaining And Taking Back Control Over Your Mind And Body

Natural techniques will give you the ability to recognize or observe stages your body goes through before and during premature ejaculation. How your breathing changes for example. The different stimuli will warrant counteracting responses which you will learn to do.

Some of the things that take place will be subconscious, and you will need to be conscious of them rather than being unaware. Both mental and physical techniques combined aid you in the process.

The Four Categories Of Natural Long Term Techniques

We have split them into four categories simply for explanation’s sake. There are no solid lines between the techniques; rather they can be used in unison and coupled together in various ways. You will adapt your holistic approach once you have learned the techniques and then recognized the best means to couple them.

There are no rigid rules for you to follow. For learning’s sake, you will learn each type of technique individually, and then you will be free to use whichever one you deem appropriate at the time, and the one you feel would be best to help you with premature ejaculation.

The fourth can be looked at in two different ways; you will learn to change your focus mentally as well as do other things to please your woman without the use of your penis. Think of it as conserving penis power. By penetrating for some time and doing something else for a while then penetrating again you will see that you can receive sexual pleasure for a lot longer without climax.

Further Improving Your Sexual Function

Once you begin to learn techniques and actively try to improve your sexual health, it only opens the door for further improvement. Maybe not just for stamina but to increase length or girth or achieve harder erections.

All of these things can lead to much more enjoyable and fulfilling sex lives, not just for you but for your partner as well. Give her the sexual experience she won’t forget rather than just mediocre, boring, regular sex that she has become so used to she thinks it’s normal.

You can start experiencing multiple orgasms sooner or later after learning how to learn self-control and body awareness. Right now, you’re probably thinking that would be impossible, especially considering the level of which your abilities are at right now, right?

Imagine training your PC muscle so that it becomes so strong that when you feel the urge to ejaculate, you can contract it so hard that you manage to orgasm without expelling semen! You can still carry on having sex, and when that feeling of Cumming happens for the second time, you can do the same thing once more. Now that’s what you call total orgasm control!

To be honest, it takes more than a short article for us to be able to explain these techniques in detail or even shed enough light on them for you to understand how to do them. Therefore, you’re not going to find them on the Internet either. However, Jack Grave has included them in his Ejaculation Guru program.

Other recommended guides to learn such techniques from that we would recommend are Ejaculation By Command and the previously mentioned Ejaculation Guru.


Where To Start?

Just to reiterate, in case we haven’t said it enough. It is better to learn more permanent long-term techniques than to rely on short-term premature ejaculation sprays. Although sprays and creams are incredibly useful, they should not be used permanently.

They can be used permanently but isn’t it better to solve the problem naturally without resorting to anything external?

If you are having relationship problems due to your premature ejaculation or you have not experienced any success with natural techniques. Then, by all means, use numbing, delay creams, and sprays. We recommend sticking with either Enlast Cream or VigRX Delay Spray as our top two choices.

Shahrokh Shariat, MD

Prof. Shariat has published over 1400 scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals. In 2014 he received the Matula Award from the European Society of Urology (EAU), in 2017 the Gold Cystoscope Award from the American Society of Urology, probably the most important urologist award worldwide.

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