Bulge Enhancing Underwear

by Shahrokh Shariat | Last Updated: May 31, 2019

In most areas of life, bigger is usually better, and that applies to both women and men. No woman will deny that a man with a bigger penis is better than one who is below average.

And for men, a girl with big lips, eyes, breasts, hips, and ass, etc. are undoubtedly more appealing. Having a small penis can be extremely frustrating for guys. Even though it’s a matter of perception, average guys still deem themselves to be below average. Furthermore, guys who know they are above average still, wouldn’t mind a little extra in their underwear.

That’s why guys are on a constant search to find ways to make their penis bigger or at the very least APPEAR to look bigger.

What Can Make Your Penis Bigger?

To increase the size of your penis, in reality, is something that many men believe is impossible. But if you do the thorough research you will realize it is, in fact, possible. But just because it’s possible does not equate to it being easy. It will take dedication, time and effort and it most definitely won’t happen overnight.

Also, due to the overwhelming amount of misleading information and dubious products available it puts many men off the idea altogether. Nobody likes the idea of being ripped off and being scammed out of the hard-earned cash that they have worked very hard to get.

Some think that the only way to increase penis size is to undergo surgery, which can be a scary thought! The most I’d do is take a pair of scissors to my pubic area to trim my pubic hair down. The complications and risks with surgeries are innumerable. Just looking at some of the horror stories and pictures is a hard pill to swallow. Speaking of tablets, many men do not want to take supplements either.

So How Do You Know What Works?

Okay, seeing as this article is more about male enhancement underwear, we will cover a few of the working methods before we go into our main topic discussion.

Male enhancement pills DO work! They work by giving your body the right nutrients which boost blood flow and nitric oxide levels. The vasodilating properties of such ingredients will expand blood vessels and force them to accommodate larger blood volume is causing your penis to become harder which expands the chambers over time to increase size.

They work by giving your body the right nutrients which boost blood flow and nitric oxide levels. The vasodilating properties of such ingredients will expand blood vessels and force them to accommodate larger blood volume causing your penis to become harder which expands the chambers over time to increase size.

Male enhancement exercises should be used in conjunction with the best supplements to aid growth. They can be done without supplements to give great results, but when coupled, the results can be outstanding.

Penis extender devices use traction to keep the penis in an extended state for long periods, similar to penis exercises. However, they enable you to stretch your penis for hours on end while at the same time keeping your hands free to continue doing your daily tasks.

Some of the most recent and innovative ones such as the Phallosan Forte are so comfortable they can even be worn during the night as you sleep. So you can do penis enlargement while you sleep! Talk about multitasking and managing your time correctly.

Another great extender that you may have heard of goes by the name SizeGenetics, it comes with a 58-way comfort system allowing it to be worn in many ways to suit your comfort needs. It is much more comfortable than other regular extenders but in no way is it as comfortable as the Phallosan. And we wouldn’t recommend wearing it to sleep as we would recommend with the Phallosan Forte, but it’s still a great product.

Penis pumps are also an excellent device to enlarge your penis. They are generally better for girth gains but will still give you length gains. It is better to use water-based pumps over air-based pumps, the two we would recommend are the Bathmate or the Penomet. Stay away from cheaply made alternatives which can be dangerous.

If your not sure as to which one you should opt for then be sure to check out our side by side comparison and the faceoff between the Penomet vs Bathmate. Or check out the individual reviews below;

All of these devices and techniques can be used in conjunction with or on their own. Naturally, you will experience better and faster results if you use all for methods or even two or more of them rather than just using one.


You will not gain a ridiculous amount of inches within a matter of a ridiculous amount of days; those claims are false. It will take time, so if you are willing to commit to those working methods that have mentioned for a matter of a few months, we advise you to go ahead with them. If not, it is better for you just to make your penis LOOK bigger!

Let’s Talk About Male Enhancement Underwear…

Male enhancement underwear uses the same concept as a push-up bra for women. It is made to give the false guise of a bigger package. We all know that women generally refer to that region as the bulge. If you have a big bulge women giggle and whisper amongst each other so why not give them something to look at?

Bulge enhancing underwear will provide you with an immediate temporary boost in confidence as well as a boost in size of your bump. Sure, you are aware that your penis is still the same size, but from the outside of your underwear, it will give a larger physical appearance.

Male enhancement underwear has come a long way since it was first introduced. It is becoming more and more popular as it has been advertised, bringing it to the public eye.

Four Most Common Forms Of Male Enhancing Underwear…

Let’s cover them briefly, four main types are;

All four differ slightly in design and come with their own benefits and disadvantages in their bulge enhancing properties.

There is no best option, it all depends on your personal preference, comfort level and style you wish to opt for.

1.Male Enhancement Underwear – Fabric Panel C-RINGS

Out of the four different types of male enhancement underwear, we have mentioned, this is probably the most popular amongst them. On the inside, it contains a C-ring strap which helps to keep your penis and scrotum pushed forward and outward to give a bigger bulge appearance.

There is a reason as to why this type of underwear is made out of fabric. Due to it being fabric, it is also much more comfortable than some of the others on the market. But one downside of it being fabric is that it is not adjustable.

At the front, in the pouch region, it contains a circular cut-out, and this is where you would put your penis so that it remains close to the front of the underwear as possible to push out the bulge.

2.Male Enhancement Underwear – C-Ring Sling And Strap

Rather than this being a type of male enhancement underwear, it is more like a penis ring used to maintain an erection. Everybody knows what a cock ring is, basically that’s what it is.

There is, however, a slight variation. It is combined with a leather snap ring which is adjustable; this is used to wrap around the base of the penis and the scrotum to gather them all together. Just by doing this, it pushes the balls and penis outward towards the front of the body.

This is a great way of enhancing your bulge without investing in loads of male enhancement underwear. You can use your regular underwear and put this mechanism beneath it to give yourself a bigger appearing package.

3.Enhancement Underwear Pouches

Select male enhancement pouches have been available for a relatively long time, but it’s only recently that they have skyrocketed in popularity. Many designer boxers and briefs now have incorporated these kinds of pouches to give an overall larger appearance to a man’s package.

They are often structured with thick fabric and usually a few layers of cloth. So even if you were to feel the penis through the pouch, the extra layers of fabric would make the penis feel a lot thicker. Once you let your penis out of these kinds of male enhancement underwear, you will have to face reality and live with what you’ve got.

4.Enhancing Support Pockets

These are similar to the previously mentioned types of underwear, but the enhancement pouches are much more comfortable. These, however, provide a better fit for the man. These are available in a variety of fabric styles and colors and give you that added uplift.

The Benefits Of Using Male Enhancement Underwear?

There are many advantages such as the fact that it will give you an immediate effect as soon as you put the underwear on. It is non-invasive, the underwear is applied just like regular underwear, pretty much. It will take no extra effort on your part because you will be wearing underwear anyway, right?

If you are ever going to be in a situation where others may see you in your underwear, such as in the locker room amongst other men, this type of underwear will make it seemed as though you have a bigger package. Or maybe if you may have to get changed in front of women, at least their imagination will give them positive thoughts rather than negative ones.

Also, they are relatively cheap – you will be expected to pay thousands of dollars as you would have for male enhancement surgery.

They are also risk-free. Have you ever experienced any problems wearing your regular underwear? The chances are extremely likely that you haven’t!

Should YOU Try This Kind Of Male Enhancement Underwear?

If you are looking for an immediate solution, know that it will only give you the APPEARANCE of a bigger bulge. Similar to shaving your pubic hair – it doesn’t make your penis any bigger it just makes it look bigger.

If that’s all you’re after, then it may be an option for you. But, if you are looking for a real solution to enlarge your penis size and give you a really big bulge – in reality then you would need to consider other options.

Don’t worry, though, there are options out there that won’t cost you an arm and a leg and unlike surgery have little to no risk or side-effects when you adhere to the instructions. Just refer to the beginning of this article for the best options.