Bravado Male Enhancement

by Shahrokh Shariat | Last Updated: July 26, 2019

bravado-male-enhancementWhat is Bravado Male Enhancement?

As the name suggests, Bravado Male enhancement is supposed to be for promoting male-lido, virility, performance ability, and sustainability increasing supplement.

According to the manufacturers, the production process is expected to have been streamlined perfectly. As claimed, the other medical experts have put on a lot of effort in arriving at the final composition of this supplement.

However, the practical experience of many users seems to suggest otherwise. The enhancement agents like Extenze, with better ingredient composition, have scored over Bravado’s brave front with flying colors.

The comparison done here is only the opinion of the writer, based on researches done on the internet, by going through several reviews and personal experiences. Of course, there could be many other articles that go strongly for Bravado, but it’s highly unlikely.

Why we DON’T Recommend Bravado Male Enhancement

The ingredients are supposed to be enhancing your erection experience. This is intended to be the primary building block of your complete and wholesome sexual intercourse. However, it has been observed that the effects given are not sustainable.

The majority of men experience an initial erection problem. This phenomenon is quite common among every age group. There are several reasons attributed to this phenomenon. However, the medical world has identified certain common causes.

Let us take a brief overview of some of them

We also explore how the Bravado Male enhancement ingredients are supposed to remove those weakening elements from your body and penis completely. This is frequently compared with ExtenZe, VigRX Plus, and Vimax.  In most of the comparisons, the other three mentioned products seem to score better off.

Weak skin

This is mostly noticed among youngsters and those above 40. For the young adults between the ages of 18-25, this happens due to the improper nourishment of their vital sexual organs. This results in a weak initial erection.

Sometimes, the erection may occur to the desired extent, but within a few minutes, it will go back to the flaccid state.

The ingredients in Bravado are supposed to be capable of seeping into the skin layers of your penis deeply. But, many users have said that the foreskin peeling creates irritating sensations once after they have consumed the Bravado male enhancement. On the other hand, VigRX Plus seems to give a smooth transition from the flaccid state penis to the active state.

Besides, the Bravado-ingredients are unable to remove completely the toxic elements that are deposited in these layers. Now, your penis skin is free to expand during erection. This is better done by Vimax.

Weak shaft

The main region of the shaft is in Corpora Cavernosa. It forms the central section of your penis.  The ingredients are stated to perform two primary functions during the time of intercourse. Erection causing and erection sustenance. When comparatively seen, ExtenZe seems to boost both the capabilities more.

The erection is caused when the pressure in this region is reduced. Blood-flow starts in this area steadily. As more blood flows, so does the size and length of your erection. You can observe an extraordinary phenomenon at this stage, the size of the penis which remained flaccid suddenly increases. That means the entire strength of your extenze-is bettererection is concentrated maximum within the corpora region. Strengthening of this region is done better by ExtenZe.

The ingredients of Extenze are primarily responsible for:

Premature ejaculations also mean the loss of energy and libido in the long term. For a long time, the medical experts were puzzled by the low testosterone production in some men. They had conducted a lot of research.

The weakening of the testes walls was found to be one of the main reasons for low testosterone productions. This happened because they were subject to too many fluctuations during premature ejaculation.  This had conditioned them to such a stage where they inevitably produced less testosterone.

The ingredients in the Vigrx Plus Male enhancement supplement are comparatively better capable of reversing this trend. They can boost the production of testosterone.

The raising of intra-vascular pressure is supposed to cause the premature-ejaculation to stop. But, in practice, it has been observed that the variation of pressure within the corpora region during erection causes a decrease in pressure. The sudden increase of pressure around that area causes fatigue among consumers.

depressed-manMen face a problem with sustaining erections

Once the initial problems have been solved, the ingredients are supposed to act on strengthening the second stage of your sexual intercourse.

However, practical experience shows only 40 to 50% of the stated results being achieved. Moreover, none of the sites promoting the product speak about the food and diet pattern to be adopted while consuming the enhancement.

This is highly essential, as no supplement can have powerful impacts unless they are accompanied by healthy and nutritious food intake.

What are the ingredients of Bravado Male enhancement?

The official website does not have any information about the ingredients. This looks very strange. Upon searching relentlessly, two of the ingredients were found. Zinc oxide and Hawthorne-Berry are the two principal ingredients.


This ingredient is supposed to be responsible for maintaining the complete flexibility of your penis. It also provides stamina to your penis tissues.  The ingredient combination in the ExtenZe seems to work better when compared with Bravado.

Even in the other two competitors VigRX Plus and Vimax, the ingredients are processed better. It has been observed that the feeling of fatigue is removed by Bravado only temporarily.

While, in Extenze, the sense of freshness seems to last longer. This is done over a considerable period. Most of the men tend to experience the state flaccidity in their penis much before they can reach the stage to ejaculate. It mainly happens because of the lack of strength in the penis tissues, especially the corpora region. Hence, the skin also shrinks.


The other ingredient is Hawthorne-Berry known to energize and strengthen the following;

vigrx-plus-discountPenis region

This process starts from the roots and extends to the tip of the penis. The region as a whole is supposed to be covered by the ingredient, but comparatively, VigRX Plus scores better in this aspect. It slowly starts enabling the root part. Once the source part is strengthened, it starts spreading to the other parts of the penis like the

Corpora region

In this region, the strengthening happens in two directions, namely longitudinal and latitudinal; the first results in extra elongation of your hardness while the second one leads to the thickening of your erection. But comparatively, Vimax impacts are experienced better.

Tip region

The tip of your penis also called the Glans penis area. This is one of the most sensitive parts of your penis. The area can be quite susceptible to the touch of the vaginal walls. Once the sensations reach the final stage, the ejaculation is supposed to happen.

But what happens when you have a premature ejaculation problem?

This region becomes over sensitive.

That is the reason for men to ejaculate the moment their penis head comes to contact with the tip of the vaginal wall at a particular spot. This happens mainly because the Na+ signals are prematurely released. Then it naturally results in premature ejaculation. But it has also been found that frequent numbing of the Na+ channel might lead to desensitization forever.

vimax-vs-Vimax has been observed to give better Pre-cum fluids. Even sperm protection is better done in Vimax. There is another aspect to the generation of pre-cum fluids. They enter the semen carrying the channel and pass through.

At this time, the acidity in that region could either kill the sperm cells or make their health weaker.  This is one of the big reasons for male infertility.

What are the side effects of Bravado Male enhancement?

There are no known side effects of the supplement. However, if you are allergic to any of the ingredients of the supplement, then you may experience irritation. For more details, you can refer to the Bravado Male enhancement reviews.

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