Photo above taken on April 6, 1997 at a demonstration in favor of Belongil Beach, Australia, becoming a clothing-optional beach. A later one occurred on January 26, 1998 and is portrayed in Nude Beaches of Australia. These celebrations led to the successful establishment of clothing-optional use on that beach and helped inspire similar events in other parts of the world. Click on image above for larger view. Promotional photo above from Naked Celebrations. Courtesy of Charles MacFarland / Synetech Video. More info below.

"If others can enjoy their local beaches and parks naturally, why can't we? Are we less deserving? Less human?"

We swim naked at local beaches to celebrate our bodies and challenge draconian laws and attitudes that suggest that our natural appearance is offensive enough to mandate coverups.

World Naked Beach Party (WNBP) was a project idea of BFC, however it is no longer supported by BFC. Consider checking out:

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