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   The ENP is a project of the Body Freedom Collaborative

Encouraging individuals, friends, and families to go naked on local public lands

The Experience Nakedness Project (ENP) was developed by the BFC to encourage individuals to harness their creative energy and share their passion with others as advocates for body-positive reform while at the same time having a great time realizing their own freedom.

The ENP is not affiliated with the Experience Music Project



Enjoying our public lands


Participating in community events and networking with others

Civil Nudification

Casual nakedness

Prescription for healing

When early European settlers, missionaries, and imperialists started to colonize the Americas, one of the first things they did was to offload their body shame onto the indigenous people in the area. Too little clothing made these new guests from hell uncomfortable.

Today the repression continues. The law in many parts of the world is heavily biased toward a negative view of the body.

The ENP is doing its part to return things back to the way they once were, in harmony with our environment and true to ourselves.

Looks like fun? It is!

Check out our activities for 2003. If you think you've got what it takes to make a difference, drop us a note and fill out our survey to get involved! Become an ambassador for body-positive values!

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